Great People. Remarkable Business.

who we are

We are an agency with Heart Capability, Reliability & Experience

Great People. Remarkable Business.” This is more than a tagline for us. It is a core understanding of who we are individually and collectively. It is also a clear picture of who our clients are to become as a result of Attain engaging with them.

Helping our clients attain theirs”... Here’s how it works.

At an individual level, we are deeply committed to being the absolute best we can be. This is at the cellular level and collectively we have grown to be Great People because of this personal commitment to individual greatness. It is this 'Great People' commitment that shapes us as a team into a Remarkable Business. It is an inside-out journey.

As a result of our journey, our promise to our clients is to identify and lead them into their own journey of Great and Remarkable. We help to shape and grow great people and these great people are empowered to build a remarkable business.

From concept to strategy to design to execution,
great people build remarkable businesses.

Sharn Piper
Sharn Piper CEO
Alex Donaghy
Alex Donaghy Chief Client Director
Bill James
Bill James Training & Development Director
Anthony Simons
Anthony Simons Executive Creative Director
Mike Hutcheson
Mike Hutcheson Strategic Advisor
Jonathan Wrait
Jonathan Wrait Chief Operating Officer
Teri Forsyth
Teri Forsyth Art Director
Shannon Tatana
Shannon Tatana Creative & Attain Marketing Manager
Sasha Tetro
Sasha Tetro Account Manager
Tom Bosley
Tom Bosley BDM
Anastasia Donaghy
Anastasia Donaghy Account Co-Ordinator
Laura Evans
Laura Evans Account Manager
Amy Shaw
Amy Shaw Account Co-Ordinator
Harry Yeo
Harry Yeo Video Production Manager
Paul Ballard
Paul Ballard Senior Designer
Samantha D'Souza
Samantha D'Souza Intermediate Designer
Faith Bishop
Faith Bishop Junior Videographer
Clint Gray
Clint Gray Digital Marketing Specialist
Susan James
Susan James Admin Manager
Sammie Kang
Sammie Kang Consultant
Tanya Sabhnani
Tanya Sabhnani Consultant
Animesh Panda
Animesh Panda Strategy Consultant
Erica Shepard
Erica Shepard Copywriter and Content Writer
Simone Paterson
Simone Paterson Executive Assistant

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