Attain Invites Business Leaders to Its New Round Table Programme

More often than not, businesses will eventually hit a wall. Their growth trajectory will slow down or even get stuck, and the business will become stagnant. While this is a common issue many CEOs and leaders face, many do not realise there is a way out.

“Growth has always been at the core of Attain,” says the company’s CEO Sharn Piper. “We’re always looking for ways to strengthen that.”

Recently, Attain established a partnership with Adrian Pickstock, a strategy and consultant coach. Pickstock brings over 20 years of experience successfully leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior management teams through periods of significant growth and change.

Pickstock’s expertise has taken him around the globe, including Hong Kong, Dubai, and South Africa. He has helped drive medium to large corporations through all the challenges that come with growth. Working with both CEOs and leadership teams, he encourages people of all levels to think beyond their comfort zones, embrace change, and become motivated to achieve objectives and goals.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t get really motivated to work with businesses looking to improve growth plans. Being part of that journey is very rewarding,” Pickstock says.

Along with his decades of experience, Pickstock says he’s learned to recognise there is an opportunity to improve value-add to businesses. His first introduction to Attain was looking at the results the team delivered to one of his clients.

“What I got initially from Attain is that they deliver. I think we share a focus and a passion for getting stuff done,” Pickstock says.

Piper adds, “This was an opportunity for two like-minded leaders who specialise in growth to come together.”

Attain and Pickstock have developed a round table programme based on Verne Harnish’s ‘Scaling Up’ methodology. Scaling Up focuses on four key areas that businesses need to get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Pickstock, a certified Scaling Up expert, will facilitate these round table discussions and guide businesses in how to successfully target these key areas to promote growth.

“The launch of the round table programme is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. To find a partner like Attain who is able to collaborate and launch this is very exciting.”

While Attain and Pickstock will be providing businesses with the building blocks they need to grow, there will also be an opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer learning.

“With the round table, there will be multiple dynamics at play, with various leaders at various stages of their journey. There will be a real opportunity for valuable discussions to be had between participants,” notes Pickstock.

“While we’ve always been about growth, this partnership will just enhance that. Not only that, it will help us deliver to our clients the tools they need to sustain periods of significant growth and change,” Piper says.



Adrian Pickstock
Scaling Up Consultant



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