Attain Partners with Loyalty Programme to Reward Clients

Revenue growth agency, Attain and loyalty programme, SmartTrade have recently announced their partnership. This is SmartTrade’s first-ever partnership with an agency and Attain’s first partnership with a loyalty programme.

Clients of Attain will be recognised for their continued business by being able to collect points which can then be used to purchase rewards through SmartTrade.

Working with SmartTrade is not an altogether unfamiliar space for everyone at Attain. Attain’s CEO Sharn Piper first became acquainted with the programme 15 years ago.

“Sharn was a member of the SmartTrade programme that specifically looks after builders,” says SmartTrade’s General Manager, Quinton Scheurich.

“This is a programme that I’ve experienced first-hand as a business owner,” says Piper, “not only does it have genuine rewards, but it’s been around for 25 years. Any business that can say that is clearly doing something right.”

Having a unique offering, Attain wanted to try something that was outside the box for their industry.

Piper says, “This is definitely something that’s a little bit different, but we have always seen value in going against the grain.”

Scheurich also notes how the two businesses, while delivering different services, have followed a similar path. “Attain is a business looking after other businesses, and a lot of what they do is directed at the trades industry, but it’s not limited to just that. Similarly, SmartTrade was built off the back of the building and construction industry. However, we’ve certainly grown well beyond those borders now.”

“This programme is open to everyone. With over 300 participating businesses to earn points from, no matter your industry, you’ll get value out of this system,” says Piper.
Scheurich adds, “We welcome Attain into the fold. We are looking forward to working with them and achieving good business outcomes.”

Quinton Scheurich
GM Business Development, SmartTrade
P: 021 941 702

Jonathan Wrait
Head of Marketing, Attain
P: 021 071 4143

Attain is a revenue growth agency specialising in sales and marketing integration. An agency with heart, we partner with businesses to deliver scalable results across brand, marketing, sales and leadership development.

SmartTrade is New Zealand’s premier loyalty programme for businesses like yours. As a SmartTrade member, you can earn points for every dollar that you spend with our partners who consist of industry leading suppliers in all areas of business, like construction, agriculture, automotive, fuel, electricity, office products and more.