Bubble Design merges with Attain

Bubble Design

Sales and marketing agency, Attain, has announced a definitive merger with packaging and advertising company, Bubble Design, in a move that adds FMCG experience and additional depth to Attain’s full service offering. Attain NZ CEO, Sharn Piper, said Owner of Bubble Design, Teri Forsyth, joins Attain as Brand Account Director, where she will make a strong contribution to the agency’s brand and creative team.

Synergistic Merger Amplifies Value and Expertise for Attain and Bubble Design Clients

“We’re strong advocates that great people do remarkable business. When we realised there were a lot of synergies between Bubble Design’s business philosophy and Attain’s, we knew that getting Teri on board could amplify the value we bring to our clients.

“While a handful of directors have some FMCG experience at Attain, it has never been a focus area in our service delivery. With the addition of Teri and her 15+ years of expertise in this area, we’ll be able to better service our people.”

While the merger means more value for Attain’s clients, it means Bubble Design’s loyal and long-standing clients will also benefit from the new wealth of knowledge and skillsets on hand, according to Forsyth.

Embracing Growth and Collaboration: Joining Attain for Enhanced Client Offerings

“I have always wanted to be able to offer more for my clients as there are areas in the market that are rapidly changing. I see working at Attain as an opportunity to learn from great people – hopefully some can learn from me too – and let their own areas of genius shine for our clients’ goals.

Looking forward to getting stuck in to her new working environment, she also says that the shared goals and work ethic between Bubble Design and Attain solidified her decision to make the merge.

Attain’s values align with me. Bubble Design would have been in operation for 15 years’ come March this year, and in that time, I have surrounded myself with only great people and in doing so, have delivered great service.

“I am invested in seeing my clients do well, which is a big reason for why I feel honoured to have the opportunity to join Attain.”

A Dynamic Duo

Imagine two powerhouses in the design world coming together to create a design supernova! Bubble Design and Attain have individually made a name for themselves with their unique contributions and exemplary design solutions. With their forces combined, we’re looking at a dream team that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Fueling Creativity

This merger is a match made in design heaven, with both Bubble Design and Attain sharing a deep passion for pushing boundaries and unleashing creativity. By merging their talents, these two titans will not only amplify their impact but also inspire a whole new generation of designers to think bigger, bolder, and beyond conventional limits.

Unleashing Innovation

One of the most exciting aspects of this union is the tremendous potential for innovation it brings. Bubble Design’s avant-garde approach, coupled with Attain’s unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology, will undoubtedly give birth to mind-boggling design solutions that were once considered impossible. Brace yourself for an onslaught of game-changing ideas!

A World of Possibilities

With this merger, Bubble Design and Attain aim to offer their clients an unparalleled array of design services and solutions. Whether it’s immersive user experiences, stunning visual interfaces, or seamless product integration, this dynamic duo is ready to tackle any design challenge head-on. Together, they’re all set to reshape industries, transform businesses, and create unforgettable experiences for users worldwide.

As Bubble Design and Attain take their first steps together, we can’t help but feel an electrifying buzz in the air. This merger promises an extraordinary journey, where the boundaries of design will be shattered, and innovation will know no limits. Brace yourselves, folks, because the future of design just got a whole lot brighter with Bubble Design and Attain leading the way. It’s time to witness design magic unfold before our very eyes!