Attain appoints Jonathan Wrait as Head of Marketing

Following the appointment of Alexandra Donaghy as Attain’s Director of Performance and RevOp’s, a role which is set to be focused on client relationships, the company has also taken the opportunity to appoint Jonathan Wrait as the Head of Marketing to look after the internal production team.


The role comes as Attain continues to grow and look for ways to best service their clients, as well as being able to guide those clients in a marketing climate that has seen some radical changes, and is still evolving.


“Jonathan is so talented, and his agency background and knowledge of first-party data make him the right fit for the role”, says Donaghy.


“Particularly as we have seen some big shifts in marketing in the last 6-12 months, Jonathan will be able to best advise clients in this area, and ensure we are staying on top of industry trends for them.”


Providing high quality work for clients while being on time and on budget – something that Wrait has proven experience in – will be a big focus within the role, particularly as Attain continues on an exciting growth trajectory.


“The role will involve breaking down the briefs given from account managers, and working out what processes and strategies are needed to be as productive and effective as possible.


“I’ll also be working with our Project Manager to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding client expectations, particularly as we grow”, says Wrait.


He’ll also be ensuring quality of work, monitoring KPI’s, working with and supporting the sales team, and ensuring the production team is using best practice.


“The purpose of the role is to ensure we are delivering the work on the internal side, so that Alex and the Account Managers can deliver for the clients.”


The operations-based role is well suited to Wrait, who has previously run his own agency where solid, efficient processes played a key role in delivering on a huge amount of work with a small team.


“Not only is the role around getting processes right,” says Wrait, “but it’s also about helping the team reach their potential.


“As Attain grows, we want people to grow into areas and roles of marketing that interest them, whether that’s to grow into an Account Manager, a Team Lead, or branch into a particular vertical.


“So, it’s not just around how we can grow the team in terms of numbers, but also as individuals.”


From the appointment of a Head of Marketing, in conjunction with a Director of Performance and RevOp’s, clients can expect the highest level of servicing and results.

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