NZ Educator of the Year heads up new business support event

Attain NZ’s Educator Director of Training and Development, Bill James, is heading up Inner Circle – the agency’s newest networking and support event – after being named the Professional Speakers Association’s (PSA) Educator of the Year. Crediting his own success to the team around him, James believes that no business or person in business Educator can go it alone long-term, particularly as challenges can and do arise.

“Take away the team and there is no award. It didn’t come from me, it came from everything we did and continue to do through what we achieve for our clients at Attain. I only ever achieved it because of the people who surround me.

Inner Circle: Thriving Together in Business Post-COVID

“The businesses that seem to have got through COVID-19 are the ones who’ve had someone with them. The ones that have struggled are the ones who have tried to do it on their own. Humans are social animals, and we work better in packs. Simple as that.” Inner Circle – an event that will be running monthly – is focused around the idea of being stronger together in business, and provides the ‘team’ that is needed for business people to thrive.

Unlike your typical networking group, James says Inner Circle offers a breakaway space where businesspeople can come to get real answers and new ideas for the challenges they face – something that he believes has never been more important in a post-COVID world.

Building a Stronger Inner Circle: Finding Trust and Support Outside Your Organization

“We are always going to be stronger together, even if it’s nothing more than just getting out from the inside what’s bothering you or stressing you. But that team needs to have the right people in it who have different perspectives and can be trusted to unload on. Sometimes you have to go outside of your organisation for that.

“You need to get the balance right – you don’t want to have too many people saying it’s all good because it isn’t always good. And you certainly don’t want a whole bunch of people telling you to watch out because sometimes you just have to be brave enough to take the step. “Inner Circle will consist of a mix of different people in business – experts, inspirational speakers, and people like you who are probably experiencing similar things and feeling similar ways.”

Unlocking Opportunities and Networking: Inner Circle Launch Event in Auckland

Guest speakers and experts are a crucial piece of the puzzle, says James, as they offer unique stories and insights, and will provide attendees the chance to interact with and gain answers from. “We certainly don’t know it all, so for us it’s about bringing other people in too to ensure that we get the best for whoever’s coming through the door.

“Just by surrounding themselves with opportunities to network, gain more information, fresh ideas, and the space to sharpen their knowledge is a huge edge. All of those things coming together are part of that inner circle.”

The launch event of Inner Circle is set to take place in Auckland on Thursday 27 May from 4pm.

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The appointment of the NZ Educator of the Year to lead a new business support event showcases the remarkable versatility and leadership skills possessed by this esteemed individual. By bridging the worlds of education and entrepreneurship, this initiative promises to provide invaluable guidance and resources to aspiring business owners. With their expertise at the helm, success is undoubtedly on the horizon for participants of this innovative venture.


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Bill James
Director of Training and Development
M: 027 457 3796

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