Sharn Piper CEO
Mike Hutcheson Strategic Advisor
Alex Donaghy Chief Client Director and Marketing Consultant
Bill James Training & Development Director
Jonathan Wrait Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Simons Head of Design
Louise Bentley Head of Integration
Penelope Venuto Account Director
Nardus Oelofse Account Director
Susan James Admin Manager
Teri Forsyth Art Director
Michelle Borlase Financial Administrator
Clint Gray A.I. Marketing Automator
Erica Shepard A.I. Content Strategist
Jack McPherson A.I. Content Creator
Josh Katz A.I. Content Designer
Anastasia Donaghy Account Coordinator
Tanya Sabhnani Consultant
Anna Twyman Account Co-ordinator
Jared Crowle Technical lead consultant
Savannah Thompson Video Production Manager
Alisha Vallabh Account Co-ordinator
Georgia Spackman Jr Designer