Boosting Conversions and Sales Targets for B2C Brand – Case Study

Attain’s strategies to boost conversions and sales targets  

The Problem

A leading B2C brand was looking to bolster its market leadership and boost conversions through strategic marketing initiatives partnered with Attain. 

Facing challenges such as declining revenues, declining positive feedback, fluctuating Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) in Google Ads, they engaged with Attain to help identify the leakage in their marketing engine and assist them in plugging the gaps and positioning the brand for growth in the face of significant market competition. 

Our Solution

Our team initially worked closely with our client’s team to establish clear objectives: 

  • Strategically boost conversions  
  • Improve Google Ads Spend ROAS 
  • Improve customer feedback 
  • Achieve average 7x ROAS for META Campaigns continuously 

To tackle their Google Ads spend, Attain restructured the campaigns to target more relevant audiences, which involved refining keyword selections and optimising ad copy to better speak to potential customers’ needs.  

The strategy for their META campaigns was to perform continuous testing of ad formats, creative designs, and targeting parameters to identify the most effective combinations. This strategic optimisation process was crucial in our efforts to boost conversions, making each ad more effective in engaging potential customers.  

Our digital team conducted regular monitoring and adjustments to align with these objectives. Simultaneously, we maintained open communication with our client’s team, having weekly updates on campaigns. 

The Outcome

Our efforts led to significant improvements across several of the initial key performance indicators with in just two months: 

  • META campaigns revenue improved from $1 to between $6 and $10 for every dollar spent. 
  • Google Ads ROAS saw significant improvements. 
  • Positive comments had an average increase of 87.5%. 
  • E-commerce conversion rate saw an increase of roughly 24% improvement, despite already being in the top 20% of all e-commerce sites worldwide. 
  • Attain produced consistently high ROAS across campaigns of 800%.

Through our targeted solutions and continuous optimisation, we were able to significantly boost conversions for our client, setting a new standard for their success. 


Attain was able to achieve outstanding results for this client. Due to the sensitive nature of the client’s position we have chosen to keep their name confidential.