Unifying Brands and Refreshing Central Group’s Identity 

Central Group’s Brand Refresh

How Attain aligned and modernised Central Group’s logo and branding


Central Group, a widely recognised industry brand, specialises in hire and rental services for forklifts and materials handling machinery throughout New Zealand, as well as construction equipment and trucks in the lower North Island. Recognising the need for a refreshed and modern look, the company decided to update its brand image. 

The organisation was also undergoing a comprehensive change, which involved merging three brands (Central Group Forklift and Trucks, Fowlers Machinery and NZEG) under one core brand. 

On top of this complex integration, there were also multiple branches spread across the country, all of which were struggling to maintain consistency across their identity, logo and branding,  

Ultimately, Central Group realised that their company’s look was standing out, “but for all the wrong reasons.” 

Central Group engaged Attain to refresh their logo and brand, ensuring their visual identity accurately reflected their established market position and industry expertise. 

logo and branding

Strategically Aligning the Brands

Attain worked closely with Central Group to understand the unique characteristics and market positions of each sub-brand, ensuring that the refreshed branding accurately represented the entire organisation. 

After thoroughly analysing each sub-brand’s strengths, target audiences, and competitive landscapes, Attain developed a unified brand architecture that showcased Central Group’s diverse offerings while maintaining a consistent overall identity.  

This strategic alignment not only eliminated inconsistencies across the various branches and sub-brands but also fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among Central Group’s internal teams, enabling them to collaborate more effectively and work towards a common future. 

Modernising Central Group’s Logo and Branding

When it came to the Central Group look, one thing was made clear: it was time for a change. 

Following our previous research, our team developed a strategic approach to modernise Central Group’s logo and refresh their branding while preserving the company’s long-standing industry presence. 

Using the bright orange on the logo represents their construction background, mimicking the colour of Hi-Vis vests and construction equipment. The morphed “C” and “G” together resemble a forklift, one of Central Groups’ main offerings and services. 

This took a good logo and turned it into a great new logo, filled with meaning and representation of Central Group and what they do best.   


The collaboration between Central Group and Attain resulted in a successful brand refresh that positioned the company for continued success. The new logo and unified brand architecture effectively communicate Central Group’s industry expertise, diverse offerings, and commitment to excellence. 

Internally, the brand alignment has fostered a more collaborative and unified work environment, enabling teams to work together towards common goals more effectively. 

With their refreshed branding now prominently displayed across their website, clothing, and vehicles, Central Group has solidified its position as a leading force in the materials handling and construction industries.  

And while Central Group has been in the industry for almost 30 years, with this rebrand, Attain believes they can stay this way for the next 30 years, too.