DGE – Brand Refresh – Case Study

Fresh new look reaps huge rewards!

The Problem

DGE is a full-service electrical construction and maintenance company with a proud history spanning more than 50 years. The company has worked on large projects with Auckland Airport and Fonterra and smaller projects like The Poynton. Their services cover everything from large designs and installations to service and maintenance contracts.

DGE approached Attain to refresh their logo, which had remained the same since it was set up by the director when the company started. What had initially been a stop-gap measure had fallen into the “good enough” category. Employees were increasingly struggling to relate to the company and brand, and the old-fashioned face they presented to the market was costing the company work. DGE knew they needed help to develop a logo and brand that would reflect the company’s current culture well into the future.

Our Solution

When DGE approached Attain, they didn’t know where to start, but their brief was simple. “Our logo is as old as the hills. We need something fresh and modern that reflects who we are.”

Attain quickly identified that DGE needed an energetic logo and a brand that spoke to their current clients, potential clients, and employees. Anthony Simons, Attain’s Director of Brand, took DGE through the logo development briefing process and the steps to successful logo development. We also collected feedback from the company’s clients and discovered that many of them had begun abbreviating the company name to DGE instead of Dickson Grey Electrical, for simplicity. Attain developed three concepts and worked with DGE to refine their preferred one. The board, management, and staff were thrilled with the final design.

The Outcome

After introducing the new, energised logo to DGE, Attain infused the brand into the company. The whole business was refreshed, from the building and vehicle signage to the uniforms, stationery, company website, and office décor.

Attain delivered DGE precisely what they needed, with enthusiastic buy-in from their staff and positive reception from their existing customers. DGE now has a solid and cohesive brand that speaks to its market and is ready to launch into the next 50 years.


Tony Dickson says, “Attain was great to deal with. They understood exactly what we were trying to achieve – to take an old, dated brand and modernise it without losing the essence. Anthony’s revamp of our brand has revitalised our business. Their skills are great; they helped us with our branding, a new website, and even designed our shirts for Round the Bays! We cannot fault their service.”

DGE’s story shows that even a well-established brand can reap huge rewards from a fresh new look.