FEDeral Products Case Study

FEDeral Products Case Study

FED Sees a 44% Increase in Sales

Attain Case Study

The Problem

FEDeral Hospitality Equipment is a commercial kitchen equipment company that has a proud history of serving catering, baking and food industries for over 45 years. They supply and import a large range of commercial food equipment such as commercial refrigeration, cookware and furniture.

Attain worked with FEDeral Hospitality Equipment as they wanted to be able to clear a substantial amount of stock sitting in their warehouse to make space for new items.

The Solution

From listening to the needs of the client, Attain came up with the ‘Sale Campaign.’ Firstly, a strategy was put together to ensure that Attain understood the client and their needs as this plays an essential role in getting the right outcomes.

A clear marketing pathway was then put together. The purpose of this was to make sure that customers would always be led to a conversion point whether this was on Facebook, a landing page, their website or simply by picking up the phone. To do this, an easy-to-use ‘shop’ setup was implemented on each platform.

Graphics and video content were created, with the focus being around the sale campaign being a quick sale, good quality but not too high end.

The Outcome

The team at FEDeral Hospitality Equipment were very happy with the results from the ‘Sale Campaign’, experiencing a noticeable increase in phone calls, showroom foot traffic and online sales.

In total, there was a 44% increase in sales in the month of the campaign, year on year. This was a massive achievement and huge success for the client.


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