From a Flicker to a Flame

A Success Story with Attain 

Project Overview

A small family-owned business, (we’ll call them Flicker for confidentiality), aspired to grow and stand tall amongst industry giants. When they approached Attain in 2018, their challenges included weak leadership, a lack of formal sales processes, and struggles positioning themselves against larger competitors. They were ready for a comprehensive strategy to overcome these challenges, ignite their potential, and ultimately increase their revenue.

From a Flicker to a Flame

The Problem

‘Flicker’ grappled with several core problems that dimmed their growth prospects. An underperforming sales team, hindered by weak leadership and the absence of a formal sales process, struggled to generate new business. Additionally, they had difficulty carving out their unique value proposition, which left them overshadowed by larger industry providers. As a result, their growth was limited, and their annual revenue stagnated.

Attain’s Solution

Attain, with their arsenal of expertise, provided a holistic approach to fan the flames of ‘Flicker’s’ potential. The journey began with a two-day intensive sales coaching and leadership training, sparking a newfound enthusiasm within the team. Despite their initial scepticism, the owner, shared, “We were all blown away by Sharn’s enthusiastic approach; he really had us captivated from start to finish.”

With the sales team re-energised, Attain helped ‘Flicker’ forge their unique value proposition and devise a targeted marketing plan to effectively reach potential clients. As their strategic partner, Attain continued to fuel their growth through ongoing support in digital and offline marketing and strategy.

The Outcome

Through the combined efforts of Attain, the once-flickering business roared into a full-blown success. They soared from $200k to over $3 million, and the company transformed from a small two-person operation to a larger, well-functioning enterprise.

Reflecting on the partnership, ‘Flicker’ praised the impact of the training and ongoing support, stating, “They have completely changed our company’s outlook in so many ways.” They enthusiastically recommend Attain’s training for anyone looking to “up-skill themselves, their team, and most importantly, increase sales and profit margins!”

The powerful collaboration culminated in the successful sale of the business in 2020. Exemplifying how Attain’s expertise and tailored solutions can turn businesses from mere sparks of potential into legendary, blazing success stories.