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Attain Case Study: Nicole Saccaro, Marketing & Communications Manager, Formitize

The Problem

Running a business or organisation is already hard work. Paper-based forms, clunky software, and manual processes can create time delays, mistakes, and inefficiencies that make it even harder.

As the number of employees and customers grows, the range of forms, tasks and processes required for day-to-day operations can become unmanageable. Having a system that is reliable and efficient is essential to streamline processes and improve the way a business works. After all, it’s about working smarter, not harder. That’s where Formitize comes in.

Formitize is a complete business platform that helps businesses go paperless and automate forms, workflows, and processes to save time, costs, and the environment. The software currently supports thousands of clients all over the world including government agencies, large corporations, and small business owners across a range of industries.

But they are on a mission: To be the world’s favourite smart business platform helping a million users around the world in making their business work smarter.

We first met the Formitize sales team when they were looking for ways to increase sales and improve outcomes. In such a competitive market, they knew they needed to make a strong impression when capturing and connecting with leads if they wanted to cut through the noise.

Our Approach

Bill James, Attain’s Director of Training and Development wanted to give the Formitize sales team not only the skills to increase sales and improve outcomes, but the will to use them and the confidence they would work.

Bill started by meeting with the Formitize team to understand their sales initiatives and the unique challenges they were facing – moving the leads further along the customer journey from the free trial and getting them converted.

He then designed a tailored, modular sales training programme to help gain deep insights and learn simple, practical strategies and effective tools that could be used to achieve big wins and build confidence.

The Solution

Covid-19 shutdowns meant that the sales training couldn’t be delivered face to face. So, Bill and his team changed the structure of the training so that it could be delivered virtually.

Each week focused on a different area and the areas were adjusted as needed throughout the programme.

Bill added an additional session on objection handling to give the sales team members some very specific, very real answers to common customer objections – and the confidence that they would work.

The Outcome

The Formitize Sales Team had “solid takeaways” from each module that they could action in the workplace to create consistently good outcomes.

Nicole Saccaro, Formitize’s Marketing & Communications Manager says, “There has been a real shift in the mindset of customer-facing team members, and we’ve got a lot more confidence in the team. It gave us some really practical strategies that the team uses in the positive calls but also in some difficult situations.”

The team were amazed at how simple ideas and skills like ‘Two No’s’ and ‘The Elephant in the Room’ were able to make “such an amazing difference to outcomes”.

There were also many ‘penny drop’ moments as team members realised why they or others did something in a particular way.

Nicole says, “It was a really effective self-reflection tool for understanding how they can cut through the noise and communicate on a meaningful level.” As a result of insights gained, the Formitize Marketing and Sales team completely redesigned the set up of the call stations and re-evaluated part of the sales funnel and the customer journey.

Nicole says, “Sometimes it’s really difficult to approach your own company objectively or look at it like a consumer. Bill gave us a different viewpoint in terms of the way that the sales team interacts with clients, but also how our clients interact with the brand.”

“We were able to make some tweaks that allow us to create a more tailored solution for our leads and get them closer to converting.”


“The sales training we did with Attain was really valuable. It was a privilege for Bill to be able to share with us what he's learned over the years. It was broken up into really logical modules, every week taking on a different focus to create a really comprehensive, really effective, really informative, and really well presented bundle of information. It was definitely worth the time and investment.” - Nicole Saccaro, Marketing & Communications Manager, Formitize


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