Our contribution: Brand Identity | Packaging | Photography

Using a diverse array of talent, Attain worked on McArthur Ridge’s strategy through to redesigning their existing labels. Their packaging aims to reflect their purpose, to craft wines that enable Alexandra, Central Otago, and to shine and to acknowledge the continued evolution, diversity and prestige of the New Zealand wine story.

From the historied Brassknocker, getting its name from the ‘Brassknocker soil’, which makes up the landscape of the McArthur Ridge vineyard, to the more elegant Alexandra Series white label and the top tier impressive McArthur. Attain produced a new premium look that displays something very special.

 Award winning design and print packaging.

The Story

Around 1870 James McArthur arrived in the Waikerikeri Valley and settled at the end of what is now known as McArthur Road in Strathclyde, on the outskirts of Alexandra. At that time and in fact until the 1990s the land bordering the farm was like a desert, it was then that a source of water was found and the dream of a vineyard became a reality.

Located in the heart of the mountainous New Zealand, Central Otago region, McArthur Ridge is dedicated to producing outstanding Pinot Noirs. The first plantings were 15 Hectares in 2002 followed by 72 Hectares in 2003 and a further 73 Hectares in 2004. The final 15 Hectares were planted in 2007. The first vintage was produced in 2006.  While the production is large only a small percentage of carefully selected, handpicked grapes finish up in the hands of the Winemaker for the McArthur Ridge Label.

The Central Otago region is a land of stunning contrasts: barren challenging landscapes defined by snowy alpine peaks, broad rivers and deep, clear lakes.

The vineyards are sited on an elevated plateau, planted across a set of gentle northern slopes to capture maximum warmth.

Set at altitude, the Alexandra basin is the southernmost Pinot Noir producing area in the world, the cool climate [-12.5 degrees], infertile soils and hot [42 degrees] but short-lived summers of Central Otago provide a pristine evironment for winegrowing, especially Pinot Noir.

One of the youngest and most exciting of the world’s pinot noir regions, Central Otago has set an impressive standard and it is from here that you are brought McArthur Ridge.

Attain is proud to have an ongoing partnership with McArthur Ridge and we always look forward to sharing a few yarns over a pinot or two.