McArthur Ridge’s Wine Bottle Design


McArthur Ridge, a winemaker in Central Otago, needed a redesign for their entry-level wine, Brassknocker. 

The design needed to capture the beauty of their Alexandra vineyard and make a bold statement, setting itself apart from the competition and catching the eye of potential customers. 

Our Process

Inspired by the vastness of the vineyard and the typography of the land, our design team conceptualised a label that incorporated a visual representation of the land. 

We collaborated with MCC Auckland to ensure the concept could be executed effectively.  

The final design was created using different layers to allow for sculptured embossing with grey tones, enhancing the appearance of ridges. MCC conducted printing tests and embossing blocks to ensure the desired result. 

The final design exceeded expectations, successfully creating a unique and engaging wine label that tells its own story. 

Attain is proud to have an ongoing partnership with McArthur Ridge and we always look forward to sharing a few yarns over a pinot or two.