N&Z Brand Development – Case Study

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The Problem

Praveen Chirra’s mission is to take pure and natural to people all over the world. Through his import and export consultancy, he helps Kiwi brands find markets for their products overseas. This includes assisting them with compliance and finding customers. New Zealand has some incredible products and a fantastic reputation internationally.

So, when Praveen was approached by some of his international contacts and asked whether he could export products from New Zealand himself, he leapt at the chance to bring more of our beautiful country to the world. As he started doing this, Praveen quickly realised there was a risk of competitors undercutting his prices as he couldn’t own the brands of the products he was selling.

After researching why people from overseas struggled to buy products from New Zealand and looking at the value he could bring, he decided to focus on building and promoting a brand – instead of products. This had the added advantage in that he could consolidate orders for customers to include multiple products – significantly reducing the usual minimum order quantities.

He needed a brand that would resonate internationally and showcase New Zealand to the world.


Our Approach

Praveen knew Alexandra Donaghy, Attain’s Marketing & Creative Director, who has a real knack for understanding a business and what they need. So when she learned what Praveen wanted to achieve, she put him on to Anthony Simons (Ants), Attain’s Brand Ninjaneer. Following an initial discussion with Ants, where some pretty cool ideas came out, Praveen jumped into Attain’s brand process. Starting with researching his competitors and a personalised workshop, we developed an understanding of Praveen’s target customers and uncovered their personas. For Praveen, “The process was great. We had a brainstorming session, and the brand came out.” “Ants gave me space to explain myself, he understood what I wanted, and his input was really good.”

The Solution

We delivered the full package – coming up with the name, identity, product packaging, website, collateral, sales tools, and the brand launch. The brand ‘N&Z’ stands for Natural & Zesty, which is all about having fun and enjoying life. Something we wanted to showcase in their products while also emphasising quality and purity. This involved bringing their brand story to life through their website and product packaging – a tale of family values, homegrown products and the humble, hardworking Kiwi attitude.


Overall, N&Z’s brand has been “extremely successful”.

As part of the process, Praveen sent the brand and tagline to some of his international contacts and “the feedback was really good”. He was impressed with the quality of work felt the brand encompassed everything he wanted it to.

Starting with a range of New Zealand manuka honey, Praveen is currently developing new products and has a roadmap for growing his range. And this is just the first step on his exciting journey to take natural New Zealand products around the world, across multiple food and beverage categories, under the N&Z umbrella.