The Challenge

After establishing a highly successful national restaurant chain with a devoted customer base, The Flying Burrito Brothers recognised the need to refresh their branding. Seeking to maintain loyalty among existing customers while attracting new ones, they approached Attain to craft a new brand identity that would align with the excellence of their food, ambiance, and hospitality.

Our Approach

In our quest to elevate The Flying Burrito Brothers above the bustling landscape of New Zealand businesses, we initiated a comprehensive process. Understanding their business, customers, and competition paved the way for a strategy to set them apart. Acknowledging the brand’s legacy, Anthony Simons (Attain’s Head of Design) guided them through a creative process that didn’t discard the existing branding but rather elevated it to new heights.

The Outcome

To encapsulate the bold and festive nature of The Flying Burrito Brothers, we selected hot pink and warm yellow as the brand colours. Introducing a dark grey complemented these warmer tones. Attain played a pivotal role in creating a suite of digital and print assets, including sleek coasters, menus featuring solid visuals and typography, and an inviting, user-friendly website.

In addition, we crafted social media templates for The Flying Burrito Brothers, ensuring a consistent and memorable online presence. These templates, marked by complimentary colours, striking typography, and engaging graphics, can be effortlessly used across various social media platforms. A lively and energetic brand story was developed to resonate with The Flying Burrito Brothers’ customers and entice them through the doors.

As part of our effort to infuse a unique blend of Mexican and Kiwi influences, we suggested a slight tweak to the name—from The Flying Burrito Brothers to The Flying Burrito Bros. This alteration not only adds a distinctive touch to their identity but also reflects the fusion of their Mexican roots with the Kiwi spirit.


Our team infused creativity into every aspect of the rebranding process, from humorous illustrations to engaging social media and marketing collateral. We provided creative direction for photography and steered the overall brand identity. The new branding not only revitalised the iconic Flying Burrito Brothers but also injected a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm among the staff. It seamlessly reflected the exceptional food, drinks, and atmosphere that define The Flying Burrito Brothers experience.

The Flying Burrito Bros. have landed… the MEX-Gen Brothers from another mother are three great mates from around New Zealand. They joined forces, and are on a mission to have a whole lot of yeeeepppaaahhh fun, creating some awesomely traditional MEXcellent food for Kiwi Mexican food lovers, plus showcase the flair and colour of some fabulous Mexican drinks.

Meet the boys, Antonio, Terry and Muz.

Antonio aka Ants is a city boy from Auckland who loves fishing and the land of the long white cloud. Like Sir Ed; he had a big dream; this dream involved creating the most legendary fried chicken (we reckon he knocked the chilli’s out of the bastard) and is the main man behind all our Mexican food creations. When he’s not out the back doing the dishes or getting stuck in on the marketing side, you will find him bopping around the Coromandel in his kayak on the hunt for a cheeky snapper or two!

Terry originated from Welly Town and is responsible for finding our original Flying Burrito Brothers restaurant in Wellington way back in the good old days. He spent many years road tripping around New Zealand with his Mexican cousin Pedro, adventuring from the very top of the north island down to the bottom of the south island. The two boys got up to a few shenanigans on their nationwide tour and stopped off at many a local bar, night club and even a good-old Four Square for a sneaky morning after pie! Years of extensive drink “research” and cousin-collaboration, Terry is the mastermind behind the fantastic drink and tequila creations that we get to share with all our Flying Burrito Buddies. After road tripping around New Zealand.

Muz, the founding brother, hails from the wild West Coast of the south island. Don’t you be fooled by his relaxed nature and smile; this guy is a super party boy and loves a good “knees-up” Mexican paaarrrdddeee! Muz is in charge of our events and culture at Flying Burrito Bros.

The boys believe that life is all about fun, super yummy traditional and some not so traditional mexican food and liquor. Sharing food and drinks with your mates or family is an experience, time to relax and have a laugh about nothing at all. They hope to welcome you soon with a big FBB iHola!