Digital Due Diligence

Attain are specialists in digital due diligence. We assist business sellers/purchasers, business brokers, Merger and Acquisition teams, Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists in gaining the best quality data to make their investment decisions.
  • Determine the long-term ROI potential of your target acquisition

    Digital due diligence is more than just a case of reviewing Google Analytics. It is a process of risk assessment, analysis, evaluation, and benchmark modelling across a wide range of areas to determine the true value of digital assets and growth opportunities.

  • Reputation is everything

    More than measuring customer sentiment, digital due diligence can help you determine if your target is actually the ‘right’ target to be acquiring, or whether a competitor might be a better option.

  • Tech stack complexities in plain English

    In an age of multiple platforms, tech stack complexities can be numerous and potentially the riskiest component of the acquisition. Understanding what you are in for can save a lot of time and expense

Why Use Attain For Digital Due Diligence

Digital Marketing Channels Due Diligence

While digital marketing metrics can provide a view of past and current performance, we take the analysis further by undertaking an extensive Conversion Rate review including CAC, CPA, ROAS, ROI, as well as internal and external risks to determine the target’s ability to scale. Our proprietary Marketing Risk and Value Driver Assessment (MRAVDA) will give you the insights to gage a suitable level of comfort to move you towards the acquisition.

Ecommerce Due Diligence

A stand-alone report to support the Digital Marketing Channels due diligence report if required, the Ecommerce Risk and Value Driver Assessment (ERAVDA) looks at the tech stack, email marketing automation, CRM, customer service end points cumulating in a score out of 100 that delivers the underlying truth of any ecommerce business.

Technical and IT Systems Due Diligence

Most businesses have a range of technologies that perform a myriad of functions that support the organisation. From the platforms in use, front and back, to the integrations that connect the various components, to the robustness and integrity of the code behind the tech.  In the acquisition process, how can you be sure that what you are buying works and will scale for future growth. We can help you understand the gaps and give you a greater understanding of the wider technical value.

Data and Cyber Security Due Diligence

Data, and the protection of it, is vital to any 21st Century business. We analyse the target company’s data integrity, its cyber security, customer data protection, business continuity in the event of interruption or data loss, and the ability to turn the data into future value creation opportunities.


CRM Due Diligence

How well does your target understand their customer lifecycle? How well do they manage and make use of its customer data? How well does the target use the data to retain customers and grow their lifetime value? How well does the target use the data to support decision making across the business? Answers to all these questions and more are provided in our CRM Insights Report.

Reputational Due Diligence

A pivotal analysis, the reputational due diligence report provides, potentially, the most valuable insights in your acquisition journey. Using a proprietary process, the reputational report lines up your target and five of its competitors and measures them against seven critical areas of customer experience and sentiment drivers.

Marketplace Due Diligence

We are experts in marketplace strategy development and execution. We can help you find opportunities and value that the seller may not even know exists. We can review the information provided by the seller into their markets and advise you on its accuracy and effectiveness.

Post Acquisition Value Creation

We don’t stop at detailed analysis. Our offering is focused on providing you with recommendations and action plans for at least the first 120 days post-acquisition. From there, we can support you in the long term with a range of advice and services based on your needs, to ensure the full value of your investment is realised.

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