Stop putting up with it.

You have a right to demand better from your L&D Programme.

Our most expensive overhead is almost always our team. The people that make the business work need to be paid and supported so they, in turn, can support us to putting the very best of their ability.

And how do you create the ‘best’ they can give you? You invest in them.

  • Time – to plan and execute learning and development plans to grow and expand their skills and enthusiasm.
  • Effort – You dedicate a team to drive the ideas that drive the changes in the wider team.
  • Capital – it costs money to empower people to make you money.

BUT does it work? Are you getting value? Or are you wasting all this time, effort and capital?

Any training will produce some difference in result. But for how long?

  • Is the change worth the effort and investment?
  • Does it create the change you want – and are you sure the change you are aiming for is actually putting the right one!
  • Can you sustain that change over time and to a high level?
  • Can you objectively measure that change?

You should expect to be able to answer ‘yes’ to all those points

What do you put up with that you shouldn’t?

1. Paying for a PDF report that does not change anything.

We don’t live in the 80’s. We live in the computer age. Why would you spend large amounts on a report that does no more than simply tell you what is happening now?

There are options in the market putting that will do so much more for you. They can;

  • Confirm the current situation.
  • Create a learning plan for improvement.
  • Provide the learning resources to train that improvement.
  • Allow you to objectively re-measure the change to prove the improvement.
  • Not break the bank while doing all this.

2. Settle for limited insights from a simple 2X2 matrix.

People are not that simple that they fit neatly into a 2X2 matrix. Do you look at the results putting and thing that it does not quite align with the person you know?

Some systems recognise (and test for) a deeper set of traits that fill in the missing pieces of the human personality style jigsaw. It explains why tough guys love kittens and shy people excel at karaoke. It gives you an understanding why determined leaders are reluctant to change when you think they should be storming ahead.

It changes the high level view of a 2X2 matrix into a granular examination of what really makes people react the way they do.

3. Different languages and ideas across different testing platforms.

How does it help that your 360 degree analysis is based on a different system with different language to your standard profiling tool?

And that your culture survey measures something else again!

How do you reconcile the different approaches when one tells you it is all about how people think, another fixates on emotional responses and yet another tells you that the answer lies in how people react?

You should be quite entitled to have a process and system that aligns all the language and methodology around a common approach and rationale that has been proven around the world over time.

Such systems exist. If you have experienced these challenges and wondered yourself if you could be gaining so much more for your investment (which is also too large…just saying!), then take comfort in the fact that you have viable alternatives that will delight you and allow you to create and action exceptional L&D programmes that encompass all the above.

Let us show them to you.

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