Attain brings on US automation powerhouse

Following the recent expansion of their team, Attain is excited to announce the opening of Attain’s first US office, and the addition of Florida-based JR Keene as General Manager of USA and Head of Automation.

The move comes after having worked successfully with Keene on a contract basis, and as Attain looks to close in on long-term plans to expand globally, according to Attain’s CEO, Sharn Piper.

“After a number of years spent working with JR, we started discussing the opportunities that the America market had to deliver our services. He was an obvious fit for us being based in Florida, and he is fantastic at what he does.”

His expertise in automation and marketing is second to none, having worked for the likes of Tony Robbins, Shark Tank, CNN News, United Healthcare, CIGNA, NASCAR, and the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, making Keene well suited for this position.

With a world-class understanding of automation, Keene will be bringing the full customer lifecycle process to Attain’s clients, including lead generation funnels and a refined nurture process, and advising on and implementing best practices.

Keene, who has now been in the industry for 17 years (11 of those spent running his own automation company), first gained an interest in automation after an accident left him bedridden for a year as a child.

“I was a typical child. All I wanted to do was go, go, go. You’re at a learning stage, and you’re playing with your friends outside as much as possible. One day I was riding my bike outside, and because the road was slippery, my bike went flying around and my foot ended up getting caught on a sewer cap which twisted and snapped my femur,” he says.

“The next thing you know, I was in a body cast at home for a year, unable to move and bedridden. My Dad got me a Commodore 64 – one of the first computers that came out – and that is what set me on the path that I’m on now.

“I believe there’s a reason why that accident happened, because if I continued to be outside with friends, I would have never taken that time to devote to something. It really sparked an interest in coding, programming, and figuring out problems.

“That’s where automation comes in – how can I fix people’s problems, but also automate them at the same time.”

Keene is particularly passionate about humanity within automation, and says businesses shouldn’t overlook the ever-present and natural need for emotion and connectivity as part of the user experience.

“You can automate anything, but it’s frustrating when users lose the enjoyment, the engagement and the emotion. So that’s what I want to fix.”

Piper says not only is Keene a skillset fit for the team, but he is a real “heart fit” too.

“We’re massive on people, and he fits our culture. He has a real drive to humanise and focus on people in what is typically deemed a robotic environment, and we really resonate with that.”

“We want to expand our offerings to the US market because we think a New Zealand agency has a lot to add to companies over there, particularly in the Rev Op’s space. We’re the Kiwis who believe we can fly.”

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