Leveraging AI Marketing Strategies

AI marketing strategies
AI marketing strategies

Imagine having a personal guide for your business – a digital ally that not only plans your path to success, but also navigates through the market, adapting to changes as they occur.  

Think of how Google Maps has revolutionised our travel – replacing paper maps with an interactive, responsive tool that charts the fastest route, readjusts when you make a wrong turn, and even reroutes when there’s traffic or an accident. 

This is the transformative power of AI marketing strategies. 

It’s the roadmap, the compass, and the guide for your brand. 

What are AI marketing strategies?

But what does having an ‘AI marketing strategy’ mean? 

These platforms use machine learning to help businesses understand their target customers on a much deeper level. By studying behaviours, needs, and desires, AI marketing strategies enable businesses to develop captivating messages and content that connect with their audience and inspire action. 

Why have an AI marketing strategy 

There’s a misconception that to be heard amongst the noise of the digital landscape, you have to be loud.  

But when has the loudest person in the room been the smartest? Or when has that been the one that you think will be able to actually hear you when it’s your turn to speak.  

These AI-driven strategies don’t make businesses the loudest – they make them heard, and they make audiences feel like they’ve been heard: 

  • Advanced customer segmentation: AI enables marketers to create sophisticated customer segmentation based on a variety of factors, including behavioural patterns, browsing history, purchase trends, and even social media interactions. This allows for hyper-personalised marketing approaches, so your messaging connects with your audience in a way that is unmatched by more traditional methods of segmentation.  
  • Informed choices: AI marketing puts data first, meaning choices are based on solid facts, not just instincts. It uses multiple data sources to spot real-time trends and behaviours, helping businesses adapt fast and outdo competitors. 
  • Predictions for better planning: AI can predict customer actions, market trends, and strategy results. This foresight shapes better marketing plans and ensures resources are used wisely. This means that once your brand is heard, it’ll stay heard.  

How does it all work? 

The world of AI is like a giant spider’s web. In the right light, it shines and gleams and its delicate intricacies are impressive.  

However, being a web also means that it’s complex and it can be easy to follow the wrong thread.  

Here’s an easy way of understanding how to approach an AI marketing strategy in order to get the best results: 

  • Set goals: Identify what you want to achieve. This could be increasing customer engagement, personalising content, improving conversion rates, or predicting future trends. 

  • Gather data: AI relies heavily on data. The more quality data you have, the more effectively the AI can work. Gather data about your customers, their behaviours, preferences, and interactions with your business. This data will feed into the AI to help it learn and make accurate predictions or personalise better. 

  • Implement the plan: Once you’ve fed it all that information and received a comprehensive plan, you can begin to put the strategy into action. 

  • Monitor and Adjust: AI marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. Once your strategy has been actioned, it’s crucial to monitor their performance and make adjustments as needed. This could involve refining the AI’s learning processes, adjusting your goals, or trying different strategies based on the AI’s output. 

  • Continual learning and optimisation: AI tools learn over time. As more data is gathered and analysed, the AI’s predictions, personalisations, and automation should become more accurate and effective. It’s important to continue feeding the AI new data and allowing it to learn and improve. 

Attain x Robotic Marketer  

The world is moving at an unprecedented pace, especially in the realm of AI. Early adopters, like our team in New Zealand, have been exploring the potential of this transformative technology. 

Recently, we partnered with Robotic Marketer, an innovative marketing technology company. Robotic Marketer harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to redefine how businesses undertake marketing. 

Robotic Marketer has empowered businesses across over 13 countries to craft and execute potent marketing strategies. With our exclusive partnership, we’re uniquely equipped to help you embrace the full power of AI. 

Working alongside us means receiving a bespoke marketing strategy that aligns with your distinct needs and goals. Then, leveraging Robotic Marketer’s advanced algorithms and machine learning, we’ll implement, manage, and optimise this strategy. This ensures your campaigns drive optimum returns on investment. 

AI marketing strategies aren’t just any-old marketing tool. They represent a new era in marketing, bringing a revolution in the way businesses connect with their customers.  

It’s your opportunity to stay ahead, and not get left behind in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing. 

Get in touch our team to book in your consultation.