Leadership challenges or culture problems?

By combining smart tools and training, we identify gaps and show you how to transform your organisation's culture.
  • Motivation is becoming a challenge within your team

    We will help you develop skills and behaviours that will drive your team’s productivity.

  • You’re not sure of your team's individual needs

    Through the REACH Ecosystem, you will see how to best inspire and motivate your team and the leadership methods that will work best for them.

  • Employee retention is dropping

    Good leadership leads to good culture, which keeps employees around longer – and it all starts with us helping you develop the right skills.

Why Attain

Turn potential into performance

Your team has potential and we help you firstly identify their strengths, then guide you in how to use that to engage, motivate, and grow.

Get access to the REACH Ecosystem

The REACH Ecosystem is a complete development programme for leaders and the whole team. Most systems tell you where you are now, without focusing on how you improve or providing the resources to do so. REACH is significantly different. Being able to influence others is the real skill involved in leadership, so the REACH Ecosystem focuses on the ability to communicate and inspire others effectively.

Key Services

Leadership training and coaching

Our customised group training programmes or one-to-one coaching sessions help teams and individuals define what it means to be a leader, maintain effective relationships, and how to best motivate people.

Scaling Up programme

Scaling Up focuses on four key areas that businesses need to get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. From knowing when is the right time to scale to how to avoid common pitfalls, this programme will provide you with the tools you need to achieve growth.

What they say

Distribution Company - Change Management Case Study

Distribution Company - Change Management Case Study

Since we engaged with Attain, we’ve seen a lot of change from staff motivation to brand value. Before, we had a lot of confirmation bias about what we were capable of doing. Attain helped prove us wrong.

Distribution Company, Director

From sales and marketing to brand and leadership, we help good businesses become LEGENDARY™. Get started with an initial consultation.