Struggling to sell or close the deals that you have?

We train and help you develop a sales strategy that your team’s comfortable with and works day in and day out.
  • Meetings are more focused around coffee than business

    Equip your team with personalised, actionable plans to implement and keep discussions focused and on track.

  • Your salespeople are great in front of leads. They just can’t get in front of them

    With a more systemised process, your salespeople can better find and get in front of new business.

  • The words, “I like it. I’ll get back to you in a few months” is commonly heard after sales meetings

    Understanding how to identify key customer decision criteria, and then mold your approach, will get your business more sales over the line, faster.

Why Attain

Full analysis of your team and your business

The first step is an analysis of your business and sales team to ensure training is tailored to your needs. This includes psychometric testing, a comprehensive analysis of your situation, business processes, and statistics.

Practical approach

With a flexible and tailored sales programmes aimed at leveraging your team’s most powerful skills, we can provide them the tools they need to push more deals over the line.

Ongoing accountability and outcomes

The key to success is accountability. Even with a bulletproof sales approach, you can be sure that we will be holding you accountable for putting your new action plans into place and creating success.

Key Services

Sales training

In our sales training, we help establish what ‘professional selling’ means (which can be a broad spectrum). Through a variety of training courses, you’ll be exposed to cold calling, negotiation tactics, how to find clients, how to win business, and our specialised objection handling process. With a focused application and reinforcement of these principles, we are confident that you will see significant increases in your results.

Sales strategy

How can you win when you don’t know what the plan is? Or who to target? We help you set goals, identify ideal clients (and how many you need), and create actionable strategies that lead you to more wins.

Outsourced sales management

We provide outsourced sales management using one of our experienced and expert sales representatives. They can support your team by overseeing sales pipelines, creating strategic plans, and identifying missed opportunities.

What they say

Journey Christmas Party

Journey Christmas Party

In just one month, sales increased by $240,000. In two months, it was up by $350,000, and after month three, sales were growing well-above $400,000.

From sales and marketing to brand and leadership, we help good businesses become LEGENDARY™. Get started with an initial consultation.