How Attain uses Artificial Intelligence in content creation

Artificial Intelligence

In this week’s post, I talk about how we (Attain), use artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the content creation process. But first, a little flash back…

I remember going to the movie I, Robot an earlier movie based example of artificial intelligence use in movies, in my twenties to watch a young Will Smith play a cop trying to capture a rogue robot that has become aware.

Whether it was killer robots or sentient houses, artificial intelligence was frequently portrayed as evil in the media I consumed while growing up.

But AI is more than just evil robots.

AI has advanced a lot in the last 70 years since it was born. It is now used daily by businesses worldwide to generate ideas for copy and graphic images.

From virtual customer service to automated marketing campaigns, artificial intelligence is changing how we do business.

Will artificial Intelligence replace human jobs?

The prevailing fear over AI is that robots will take over.

But we should take a step back and remind ourselves that life isn’t I, Robot.

And more importantly – the fear of robots taking over isn’t new.

When Bathelemy Thimonnier opened the world’s first machine-based clothing manufacturing company in 1830, French tailors were worried that it would cost them their jobs, so they burnt down his factory.

But as we all know, people are still essential to the clothes-making process. The sewing machine just helps make it easier and faster.

The goal wasn’t to make humans obsolete – it was scalability.

This was the whole reason for the industrial revolution. Manufacturing with machines meant more output, so this process became the new normal.

And since the creation of the sewing machine, the printing press, and the steam engine, people are obviously still kicking around.

What was achieved was efficiency. And people were, and still are, a key part of the creation, construction, and engineering of our world.

AI is just the next evolutionary step.

What you have to understand is that AI can create content, but it does not have a brain, so it will always need to be used alongside human intelligence to ensure the information provided is correct.

I believe people need to embrace AI technology rather than fear it. Then they can reap the rewards for their business.

Does AI cheapen creative work?

Two letters. N-O.

I think of artificial intelligence as a builder choosing between a hammer and a nail gun.

Some things in business will always need to be done manually, while other tasks can be done more efficiently with an automatic tool.

To say that AI cheapens creative work is like saying a designer isn’t talented because they use Photoshop to create their graphics.

AI should be used to seed ideas. It’s a way to introduce efficiency to inspiration, and then the creatives can take it from there.

AI isn’t perfect

Same as any invention, AI has its failings and requires human intervention.

This technology has the potential to perpetuate stereotypes, spread misinformation, and plagiarize human work when misused.

All this does is remind us that we have a level of responsibility as users.

Like a writer fact-checks their own work, people must fact-check AI content to ensure it isn’t encouraging bias or spreading misinformation.

We’ve used AI – and it works

Attain has been on a journey of embracing AI and one of the ways we have seen it work is on an advertising campaign for our client, who is a food product supplier.

We used basic prompts (which involved a lot of trial and error), and the platform generated images based on these parameters.

The idea of the campaign was to grab people’s attention and increase brand awareness. We used bread imagery to communicate the following messages:

  • It is easy to walk away from the carbs with their range of delicious food
  • We have walked in your shoes and are here to support you on your healthy eating journey

This had one of the highest clickthrough rates of our campaigns for this client, and I believe our use of AI helped this.


Dismissing AI could be a missed opportunity for your business.

With its ability to learn from experience and make decisions autonomously, AI could become invaluable to your business. However, it will always need to be used alongside human intelligence and expertise.

The days of fearing killer robots are over. AI is already here, but it looks much different than we ever imagined.

You can either get on board or get left behind because AI is here to stay.  

Sharn Piper – CEO
M: +64 27 733 4333

Having successfully led numerous sales teams, built multiple successful businesses I know what it takes to create a sales process that is robust, repeatable and produces consistent results when applied in a consistent way.

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