Attain Partners with Business Coach Rosemary Killip to Enhance Client Support

Propelled by a shared vision for delivering tangible business results, business consultancy, Attain, has announced a partnership with business consultant and educator, Rosemary (Rosie) Killip. Rosie will continue to provide educational and consulting services to her clients and will also act as a direct line between business leaders and Attain’s suite of branding, marketing, sales, and leadership services.  

With extensive experience as a business owner and facilitator for leaders in the trades and service-based businesses, Rosie is uniquely positioned to leverage Attain’s services and support her own clients. Her expertise in addressing specific pain points and utilising Attain’s offerings will benefit her clients in navigating the challenges of the business landscape ahead. 

“It is quite common to find a disconnect between training needs and business objectives. More training doesn’t always lead to better outcomes. It is important to identify the gaps between where a business is at and where they want to be before delivering an intervention. Sometimes it’s a training gap but it can also be a deeper root cause with multiple factors to consider. Having an independent person come in and assess what is really going on is imperative to ROI,” says Rosie. “That’s where I can help.” 

For 30 years, Rosie has been a learning and development consultant, working across government sectors, not-for-profits, and trades and service-based businesses. In 2000, she started Building Networks, a training and advisory company in the building industry, which has since become New Zealand’s leading authority in building compliance. 

“I know many small to medium-sized businesses struggling with the typical pain points of sales, marketing, branding, and training. All things I know Attain can help them solve,” Rosie says. 

Rosie is a well-known figure within the Attain team, with a professional and personal affiliation with CEO Sharn Piper that spans well over a decade. This connection was originally established during Sharn’s engagement with Building Networks, where he had the opportunity to benefit from Rosie’s insightful mentorship. This developed into the two collaborating together across many special IQP projects throughout NZ. 

“Rosie is absolutely dynamite and has a lot of value to offer,” says Sharn. “It’s no secret that times are about to get challenging for businesses in New Zealand and Australia. At Attain, we aren’t just a marketing agency. We help businesses drive and sustain growth, even when the market is challenging.” 

With Rosie’s decades of experience in the built environment, clients can expect to receive unparalleled support in their growth journey. Her expertise and experience, coupled with Attain’s proven track record of driving growth for businesses, make for a powerful combination that will help businesses succeed and thrive. 

Rosie Killip
Business Consultant