Attain Partners with Expert Strategist Will Zhang to Enhance Asian Market Entry for Clients 

Business consultancy firm Attain is partnering with renowned branding and marketing expert Will Zhang to bolster its clients’ global presence. This partnership will equip businesses with comprehensive strategies and actionable plans for success in Asian markets.  

Originally from China, Will Zhang studied in England before heading back to China to begin his career. Will’s diverse career includes roles as an Olympic news manager, founder of marketing agency, W&T Creative, and advisor to major brands such as BMW and Intel. Will’s insights address pain points from both local Chinese counterparts and international companies, offering a well-rounded perspective. 

Relocating to New Zealand in 2016, Will further diversified his profile as Director of Global Emerging Markets for Crimson Education. Will’s experience spans multiple industries, from real estate to technology to education. His distinct ability lies in deeply understanding demographics and culture, enabling insights that break new ground. His expertise promises to bring Attain’s clients a more nuanced and effective approach to tapping into the Asian markets. 

“Entering the Asian market involves many considerations, from timing and meeting large-scale demand to understanding effective communication strategies. There are risks associated with opportunity and businesses need to be well-prepared to succeed,” says Will. “My strength lies in providing a full situational analysis that offers my clients a comprehensive roadmap to success in Asian markets.”  

Attain’s CEO, Sharn Piper, says, “Will’s intimate knowledge of the Asian market will not only open doors for our clients but also guide them on how to navigate it successfully.” 

Will’s keen analytical perspective is a valuable addition to Attain, providing answers to questions that are often overlooked. His broad spectrum of experience will enrich Attain’s capabilities and help Attain’s clients enter and grow in Asian markets with assuredness.