Attain Welcomes Mike Hutcheson

Mike Hutcheson

Attain has always proudly conveyed their message of “Great people create remarkable business”. Part of how Attain is able to uphold this message is by recruiting people whose values align with theirs.

Recently, Mike Hutcheson joined the team’s advisory board, bringing with him an extensive and impressive CV.
Leveraging his decades of industry experience, Hutcheson is also the proud creator of the ‘Periodic Table of Innovation’, a tool that guides users in identifying the vital elements for business success.

“After seeing Mike speak at the NZME building many years ago, I picked up a copy of his ‘Periodic Table of Innovation’. I actually ended up using it as a resource for students to reference when I was lecturing entrepreneurship at AUT,” says Attain CEO Sharn Piper. “From there, I reached out to Mike so we could catch up and start exploring opportunities for us to work together.”

With an impeccable track record of success and a wealth of experience, Mike’s arrival at Attain promises to bring about an exciting new chapter for the company and its clients. In this blog, we will delve into Mike’s impressive background, his vision for Attain, and how his expertise will benefit our esteemed audience.

Meet Mike Hutcheson: A Visionary Extraordinaire

Mike Hutcheson, a name that resonates with excellence and innovation, is a true visionary in the business world. With a career spanning several decades, Mike has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary knack for identifying opportunities and turning them into gold. As a founding member of industry disruptors and renowned companies, his expertise has left an indelible mark on the business landscape.

The Journey to Attain: Mike’s Quest for Excellence

Every extraordinary journey begins with a purpose, and Mike’s quest for excellence led him to Attain. Drawn by the company’s commitment to innovation, forward-thinking, and a desire to make a real impact, Mike recognized Attain as the ideal platform to showcase his skills and drive positive change. He was captivated by Attain’s culture of collaboration and its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results for its clients.

Unveiling Mike’s Vision: A Catalyst for Success

Mike Hutcheson’s arrival at Attain brings forth an exhilarating vision for the company’s future. By leveraging his vast experience and creative prowess, he aims to propel Attain to even greater heights. His vision encompasses exploring emerging markets, fostering strategic partnerships, and embracing cutting-edge technologies. Mike’s ability to think outside the box and anticipate trends will undoubtedly open up new avenues of growth and success for Attain and its clients.

Enhancing Client Experiences: Mike’s Client-Centric Approach

At Attain, clients have always been at the heart of everything we do, and Mike’s client-centric approach perfectly aligns with our core values. He firmly believes that truly understanding clients’ needs and delivering tailor-made solutions is the key to building lasting relationships. Mike’s wealth of experience in building successful customer-centric organizations will greatly enhance Attain’s ability to anticipate and exceed client expectations.

Join the Journey: A Bright Future with Attain and Mike Hutcheson

The arrival of Mike Hutcheson marks a milestone moment for Attain, as the company continues to build upon its reputation as a powerhouse in the industry. With his visionary leadership, strategic insights, and dedication to innovation, Mike will undoubtedly take Attain and its clients to new heights of success. Embrace this opportunity to join us on this exciting journey and witness firsthand the transformative impact that Mike and Attain will have on the business landscape.

Mike Hutcheson
Strategic Advisor

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