Reputation media, marketing and sales agency Attain has announced a merger with Auckland design agency Brandstorm, under the Attain banner, in a move that adds strong brand design capability to Attain’s full service integrated sales, media and marketing offer.

Attain New Zealand CEO, Sharn Piper, said principal of Brandstorm, Anthony Simons, joins Attain as creative manager and partner where he will make a strong contribution to the agency’s brand and creative development team.

“Easily half of your reputation in sales and marketing is branding. Design is credibility. The addition of Brandstorm to the Attain stable — following earlier mergers this year of Attain Sales with content marketing agency Iron Road, David Brand Management and Creative Future — adds additional capability to Attain’s sales and marketing offering.

“We believe we are unique because we are sales and marketing specialists working side-by-side to deliver integrated strategies for companies that want more synergy between their sales teams and marketing teams. We believe that in 2019 onwards, sales and marketing should be one integrated team working interdependently. That’s what we help clients achieve. Brandstorm will add tremendous value to our offering.”

Brandstorm’s Simons Joins Forces with Attain

Brandstorm’s Simons said it has always been his ambition to create brands that stand out and are loved.

“That hasn’t changed, but after a lot of thought, I have made the decision to join with the Attain New Zealand team as a partner – a business that shares my philosophies and values. I have always believed that it takes a village to raise a business and to get the best for my clients. This opportunity will achieve that.

“What this means is that I can now offer and do far more for my clients’ businesses than previously. As a complete agency service, Attain New Zealand means there will be a bigger scope in what we can provide to both existing clients and other businesses in the future,” he said.

The Union of Two Giants

When two leading entities like BrandStorm and ATTAIN merge, it’s a monumental event. Both agencies have established themselves as industry leaders, known for their creativity, expertise, and results-driven approach. With their powers combined, they aim to revolutionize the branding landscape.

Synergistic Brilliance

The merger promises to deliver an unmatched level of expertise and capabilities. BrandStorm’s knack for crafting compelling brand stories will merge seamlessly with ATTAIN’s data-driven strategies. Together, they will offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to clients’ every branding need.

A Boost for Client Success

Clients of both agencies can rejoice as they will now benefit from an expanded pool of talent and resources. The merger will amplify the capabilities of both teams, allowing them to deliver even more impactful and targeted campaigns. From brand identity development to digital marketing strategies, the possibilities are endless.

Setting New Industry Standards

The collaboration between BrandStorm and ATTAIN is poised to set new benchmarks in the branding arena. By combining their vast knowledge, experience, and innovative approaches, they will push the boundaries of creativity and redefine what it means to build a successful brand in the digital age.


The merger of BrandStorm Branding Agency and ATTAIN has created a seismic shift in the branding industry. This partnership represents the convergence of two powerhouses, each bringing their unique strengths to the table. As they join forces, clients can expect unrivaled expertise and innovative strategies that will propel their brands to new heights. Together, BrandStorm and ATTAIN are poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of branding, setting new standards and inspiring others to push the boundaries of creativity. Watch this space as the industry awaits the exciting developments this merger will bring!


Sharn Piper – CEO
M: +64 27 733 4333