A business divided against itself cannot stand.

Over the years I have worked with many companies that have a divide between sales and marketing and always felt disheartened by this fact. I’ve questioned the viability of a company being sustainable longterm with two teams at war with each other. Then comes the operational department – which also has its own agenda.

In one company I was told ‘if you aren’t arguing with ops you aren’t doing your job’.

Now throw customer service/account management in the mix and you have essentially have 4 differing opinions on how to move a company forward and how to engage with a customer. They all have differing tech stacks, different processes, different teams, the list goes on.

The old saying ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’ is the same in business.

Sales are going in one direction, marketing another, operations has their agenda and then the customer service team is usually stuck in the middle! Daily tussles occur, frustrations rise… and if you think your customers aren’t seeing this, then you are kidding yourself.

Whatever is going on internally in your ‘house’ (business), will always, eventually get exposed. Internal division will always, in some shape or form, eventually be evident on the outside of your company. It could be through the faces of your Account Managers trying to cover frustration, it could be through the wrong message coming out via the marketing team… but it will come out. I guarantee it!

Welcome to the stage, Rev-Op’s!

I believe implementing the philosophy of Rev-op’s from the early stages of your company is the smart thing to do. Here’s why:

  • It encourages all departments to use the same tech platforms whether you have 3 in your company or 300, ensuring everyone is on the same page and clearly communicating across all departments.
  • Rev-Op’s ensures everyone understands that the customer is at the centre of all decisions, not the outcome of all decisions.
  • Introducing Rev-Op’s will ensure productivity remains high, that your team is focused on performance and serving your customers to the highest standards.
  • And you will have clean data – imagine that! Data you can actually use! Not data just sitting there with no value.

There are so many other benefits to implementing Rev-Op’s and at Attain we are only at the beginning of this journey but already, the benefits are being realised. Join us as we discuss this journey and whether Rev-Op’s is just a trend here.

Alexandra Donaghy
M: +64 21 029 01370
E: alex@weareattain.com

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