Attain appoints Director of Performance & RevOps following customer survey

After conducting Voice of Customer research, Attain is pleased to officially announce they have appointed Alexandra Donaghy as the company’s Director of Performance & RevOps to ensure all accounts continue to realise a positive return on investment amid growth.

“Attain is committed to ensuring the best possible results for our clients,” says Chief Executive Officer Sharn Piper. “The newly created role speaks to that commitment as we recognise the importance of a Director focused on ensuring positive outcomes.”

After experiencing substantial growth over the last few years, some of the feedback brought attention to the challenges that can come about in terms of resourcing – particularly around time and availability.

That Voice of Customer research gave the leadership team those insights and highlighted to them the fact that they wanted to maintain a high quality of service to clients.

Attain’s Director of Brand, Anthony Simons, says Alex was chosen for the new role due to her breadth of experience and her passion for people and results.

“Alex has a big love for people, a high attention to detail, and she has dealt with people across lots of industries and areas – anywhere from FMCG, B2B, and running her own business.

He adds, “Her willingness to drive something for others but also do something that pushes herself as well,” was a key factor in what made Alex perfect for the role.

Alex’s role will cover performance across the Marketing team as well as the Account Management team, says Piper, and will involve overseeing, leading, training, and inspiring Attain’s Account Managers – and their clients – to ensure results are being delivered.

“The role will be a bridge between Account Managers and Production, as well as Account Managers and clients, managing expectations on both sides and ensuring clear communication.”

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