The Ultimate Guide to Generating Quality Leads for B2B companies

The Ultimate Guide to Generating Quality Leads for B2B Companies

By generating quality leads, we can most likely front foot the ‘R’ word and get round any economic uncertainty (and panic) that may ensue. 

But when finances are struggling to stay healthy, our instinct is to feed them, with leads. Of course, this becomes challenging when clients are starting to be more picky about how they spend their budget.  

What this does for businesses, however, is it forces us to relook at the old and tired lead generation strategies and tactics and instead, think more dynamically about how we attract and convert.  This is where generating quality leads comes in.

If you want to truly stand out and generate high-quality leads, it’s important to think outside the box.  

Leverage Your Existing Network is an excellent way of generating quality leads

Your existing network is a rich source of leads.  

And sometimes thinking dynamically about how we approach generating leads means going back to basics – like picking up the phone.  

According to a study published by Harvard Business Review, face-to-face requests have been shown to be significantly more effective than emails. The study revealed that in-person requests led to a remarkable 75% acceptance rate. In fact, the study found that face-to-face interactions were 34 times more likely to produce positive results than digital interactions. 

However, that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be using the power of digital. Once you’ve picked up the phone, send a follow up email. 

Email continues to be a power source when it comes to engagement and ROI, with Hubspot reporting that in 2022, email ROI had an impressive $36 for every $1 spent. Even a simple monthly reminder of your business, popping into their inboxes consistently, or offering referral incentives to encourage your network to refer new business your way, can prove to be a filling meal for your finances.  

Tweak Your Outreach Messaging

While things may feel different in a recession – people’s challenges and pain points relatively remain the same.  

In fact, during a recession, businesses may be even more motivated to seek out solutions that can help them overcome their challenges and save money in the long run. However, that also means tweaking your messaging.  

Imagine this: You’re in the construction industry and you’re hearing potential clients say they’re struggling with cash flow and getting subcontractors to operate within their budgets.  

You then adapt your messaging to highlight how your services can help them save money and reduce risk. Or you could emphasise how your team’s expertise can help them avoid costly mistakes during the construction process, or how your company’s use of sustainable materials can help businesses reduce their long-term operating costs.  

On top of that, you could offer financing options or payment plans to make your services more accessible to businesses that are facing financial challenges. By showcasing the ways in which your construction services can help businesses overcome their challenges and save money in the long run, you can position your company as a valuable partner during difficult economic times. 

Embrace the Power of Video

Video is a highly engaging medium that can help you stand out in a crowded market.  

It’s not just Gen Z attentions that are shrinking – it’s all of ours. Video content, especially short snappy content (don’t worry, I’m not saying do a TikTok) that you can use across your social media platforms has become the preferred way of digesting content.  

These videos could highlight your service, show off your team, or be video testimonials from happy customers to showcase your value proposition.  

Diversify Your Social Media Strategy

While LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B lead generation, don’t limit yourself to just one platform. Consider diversifying your social media strategy by exploring other platforms like niche forums and discussion boards that are relevant to your industry.  

If you’re in the tech industry, consider joining relevant tech communities on platforms like Reddit and Discord. If you’re in the healthcare industry, consider exploring healthcare-focused forums. By being active on these platforms and engaging with your target audience, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and generate quality leads. 

These aren’t doom or gloom times – this is a time to flex your creative and strategic muscles and to pivot your lead generation approach.  

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