Attain expands digital marketing team with new appointment

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Revenue growth agency Attain is pleased to officially announce the appointment of Clint Gray as Digital Marketing Specialist, in response to the company’s growth over the past 12 months and as they look to continue delivering for clients.

CEO of Attain, Sharn Piper, says they are excited to have brought Clint on board as they have recognised the need to strengthen their team in a consumer world that is becoming more and more digital driven.

“With the way the world is operating, digital marketing is becoming even more essential. Clint has been brought on to further strengthen our digital marketing expertise.

“He has so many years of experience and a deep set of skills which is complementary to the current team’s skills. So, having that expertise in-house ensures our clients are getting the best results they possibly can.” With 15 years’ experience, Gray has worked in the digital advertising space across a diverse range of industries, covering everything from offer creation, websites, chatbots, paid ads, social media marketing, content planning, and marketing strategy.

Passionate about creating warm, engaged leads, Gray believes these are much more valuable to a client – particularly in a post-pandemic world. “Coming out the other side of Covid, I think people are hungry for connection – they don’t want to be talked at like a number. If you can add personality and build strong relationships, you’ll start to find that those people will keep coming back and maybe stay with you forever.

With broad knowledge in so many different avenues, clients will benefit from Gray’s deep understanding of sales and marketing funnels on social media platforms like Facebook. Gray says he is looking forward to working with a bigger team that thinks expansively and draws on all the different skill sets to get great results for clients. “I can look from start to finish at the customer journey, and basically draw on my experience along with the rest of the digital marketing team to get the best thing for the client. I’m very passionate about this.”

Piper says that while the main driver of Clint’s appointment was to improve the client experience, it was also a no brainer due to the type of person he is. “Over and above what Clint does, he fits our culture. He deeply cares about people, he’s passionate about what he does, and he has the characteristics to ensure results for our clients.”

A Stellar Acquisition: Introducing the New Addition

Attain has made a buzz in the industry with its latest talent acquisition. The agency has welcomed a seasoned digital marketing expert, to lead their digital marketing team. With an impressive track record of success and a wealth of experience, brings a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to Attain’s already stellar team. This appointment highlights Attain’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends and their dedication to providing exceptional services to their clients.

Elevating Digital Campaigns to New Heights

With the arrival of , Attain aims to elevate their digital campaigns to unprecedented levels. The expanded team will have a wealth of expertise and creativity to tap into, enabling them to deliver even more engaging and targeted campaigns. By leveraging advanced analytics, market research, and cutting-edge technologies, Attain’s digital marketing team will provide clients with powerful insights, improved brand visibility, and an increased return on investment. Businesses partnering with Attain can expect their digital presence to skyrocket and their marketing goals to be surpassed.

Embracing Innovation and Adaptability

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, embracing innovation and adaptability is crucial for any marketing agency. Attain understands this and has made a conscious effort to strengthen its capabilities by bringing in. The new appointment signifies Attain’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve, exploring emerging trends, and adapting their strategies to meet evolving customer demands. By staying agile and responsive, Attain will be able to unlock new avenues of growth for their clients, helping them establish a strong digital footprint in an ever-changing market.

Clint Gray – Digital Marketing Specialist