Cleantastic – Franchise Leads – Case Study

Doubling leads and increasing opportunities: Attain helps cleaning company boost franchisee opportunities.

The Problem

Providing an opportunity for individuals to invest in their future and own their own business is a chance not to be missed. However, it can be difficult to identify the right franchising opportunity and make an investment without knowing what the return will be. 

Cleantastic offers commercial cleaning services across New Zealand and employs a franchising model to build a team of dedicated owners and operators who will provide these services. They equip their franchisees with the necessary infrastructure, training and support needed to effectively operate a successful business. Their comprehensive model ensures that their franchisees and clients’ needs are met and that they are well looked after. 

Cleantastic had the infrastructure in place but lacked the resources needed to recruit new franchisees through digital avenues. As a result, they struggled to increase brand awareness and reach potential franchisees. 

In the end, their franchisee growth was low and the opportunity they provided others was not being communicated effectively. 

Case study
Case study

Our Solution

Attain provided a comprehensive marketing plan for Cleantastic that aimed to engage both customers and potential franchisees. With the primary focus being increased awareness of the brand and the benefits of becoming a franchisee.

We enhanced Cleantastic’s digital presence with the objective of providing immediate and insightful information to Cleantastic’s audience. To achieve this, we amplified their social media content and offered a glimpse into the franchise ownership experience.

After this was established, we incorporated a dedicated blog section into Cleantastic’s website. This was strategically designed with a content plan that not only engages but also offers insightful tips and information targeted for their audience.

Attain also provided sales training to the Cleantastic team, devising a strategy to streamline their processes which allowed them to effectively identify and follow up on potential leads.

The Outcome

Attain’s involvement played a pivotal role in enhancing Cleantastic’s digital strategy, enabling them to extend their outreach to a broader audience where they were able to effectively convey their message. This resulted in connections with potential franchisees and the onboarding of new customers that were previously beyond their reach. 

Throughout the course of a year, Attain achieved a reach of 800,000 for Cleantastic which led to a 305% increase in clicks and a significant 54% reduction in costs per lead. 

Franchisor Greg Paget says, “Before Attain, we were traditionally getting enquiries in the tens and twenties per month, once with Attain, our numbers doubled instantly and in the last 12 months, our numbers have gone into the hundreds per month which was something we never thought could happen.” 


“Franchise sales have continued to grow significantly over the past couple of years, so much so that we have new franchise sales queued up for the next six months, and this is purely driven by the marketing Attain is doing”.