Foo Du Branding Case Study

Stand Out + Be Loved = Branding ROI.

The Problem

Max runs a very successful dumpling manufacturing business, making one of New Zealand’s favourite authentic Chinese dumplings.

Massively popular with Asian supermarkets and the Asian community in New Zealand, he wanted to expand his market and get his yummy dumplings into Kiwi tummies.

This meant a new business name, logo and brand that would communicate and resonate with this new target customer base.

He started working with a student, however, they didn’t take the time to get to know Max or his story.

They had no process and barely went over a brief before getting straight into it. There was no plan, agreed on costs, or even a roadmap of the journey he was about to go on. They just started spitting out business names and creating logo concepts. And the concepts developed looked cheap

Our Solution

So, Max turned to Attain to develop a brand that would engage their new audience.

Firstly, they guided him through their process to understand his business and uncover his story.

Using this knowledge, they were able to develop a logo and brand that not only he loved, but also turned his customers into raving fans.

Colours were an essential part of this, incorporating golden yellow and red to retain the connection to Max’s Chinese influence.

The new brand was rolled out throughout their business including their Silverdale restaurant and Attain worked with We Don’t Have Elephants to deliver a funky fit-out.


The feedback from customers is fantastic.

Foo Du’s story made them fall in love with the brand and the whole look and feel of their modern fusion restaurant have customers repeatably coming back to enjoy Max’s yummy dumplings.

Foo Du stands out, so much so in a very crowded market, that his yummy dumplings and brand were approached to open a new restaurant in Commercial Bay, Britomart.

Overall, combining Foo Du’s brand with interior design, marketing and content result in an awesome story and real success.