Formitize Total Paperless Solutions – Marketing Partnership – Case Study

Partnering with a growth-focused SaaS company to deliver marketing results

The Problem

Formitize is on a mission to be the world’s favourite smart business platform helping a million users around the world in making their business work smarter.

Through its complete business platform, Formitize helps businesses go paperless and automate forms, workflows, and processes to save time, costs, and the environment. The software supports thousands of clients all over the world including government agencies, large corporations, and small business owners across a range of industries, however, to achieve its mission it needs to get in front of more people and generate more regular leads.

We first met with Formitize’s Founder and CEO, Matt Burge, as he needed help to scale his sales and marketing. Matt suspected there were many small things he could be doing to generate more leads, but at the time he didn’t have the specialist skills in-house or the time and technical expertise to manage external marketing partners himself.

Prior to establishing an internal team, Matt needed someone who could help him review and improve his marketing strategy, supply the right partners, manage the implementation of his marketing strategy, and assist his staff with marketing decisions and activities internally.

Our Approach

Matt approached Alexandra Donaghy, Attain’s Director of Performance & RevOps, who has a real knack for understanding a business and what they need.

After an initial discussion with Matt, Alexandra reviewed Formitize’s current marketing efforts and designed a strategy customised to the KPI’s of the SaaS business. This included suggestions for improvements and optimisations that could be made to streamline their website and marketing efforts to improve efficiencies.

The priority was on building a marketing strategy that suited Formitize (a SaaS business) for its specific and unique target market. In the first instance, Matt wanted to focus specifically on the Australasian market.

The Solution

Over the past 12 months, Attain has consulted on the Formitize website, managed parts of Formitize’s marketing activity, supplied and acted as a bridge between external partners, and provided weekly 1-hour marketing consultations to support Formitize’s in-house marketing manager.

Specifically, Alexandra and her carefully crafted content team designed a strategy for SEO-optimisation, managed Formitize’s social media presence including organic and paid social media, provided high quality copywriting for content marketing, and acted as a bridge with an external supplier to improve Formitize’s on-page and off-page SEO.


Formitize’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Nicole Saccaro says, “We’ve had some really great success throughout the past year as a result of working with Attain. They’re a really knowledgeable, really committed team and they’re not afraid to go outside of their own company to find the right solution. They’re always looking towards the best interests of their clients.”

“We view Alexandra and her team as an extension of our own team; one that serves for the better. We’ve developed a very easy working relationship with them.”

Nicole has been impressed with the quality of material created by the content team at Attain. “They produce some really high-quality content that is valuable to our team and our marketing efforts.”

She says, “They have a good mix of talent amongst them. It’s quite clear that everybody has been selected to be a part of the team based on their own unique strengths.”

The written content created by Attain’s team is published on the Formitize website blog and also across their EDMs and other marketing channels.

For Nicole personally, the regular follow-ups and knowing she has an experienced and trusted partner to assist her in her role has been very valuable.

She says, “It’s reassuring to know that somebody is there helping out in the background with all of the bits and pieces that can be really time-consuming.”