Hastie Mortgages New Brand Identity Case Study

Mortgage Broker gets a new identity

The Problem

First home buyers have it tough. Luckily, mortgage broker Cam Hastie from Hastie Mortgages has their back; his personable and direct approach ensures his clients secure the best solution for their unique needs.

When reflecting on his business, Cam recognised that his current branding was old, tired, bland, and didn’t reflect the energy and effort he would use to help his clients purchase their first homes.

So, it was time for a fresh look!

Our Approach

Cam already knew of Anthony (Ants) Simons, Attain’s Graphic Designer and Head of Branding, and was impressed with his work for other clients. But when he heard about Attain’s process, he decided to go on his own journey of discovery.

This was an extensive process for Attain – we worked through what Cam and his team wanted their brand to communicate, how they felt about their existing setup, and how they wanted to present themselves to their clients and market.

The Solution

Following an in-depth qualitative interview and consultative process, Attain developed a handful of designs that encapsulated what Hastie Mortgages was after. These designs were then refined to achieve incredible results.

Making sure the concepts aligned with the brief was vital for this process. So, instead of settling on crucial elements, like colours, because Cam’s team liked them – every component of the final design was chosen because it matched what Hastie Mortgages wanted to achieve with their complete brand image.

The Outcome

Hastie Mortgages’ new logo is crisp, bold, and clean. They now have a brand identity that is straightforward and fun but still professional.

Attain captured exactly what Cam was after and visually nailed it!

For Cam, the success of his branding came down to the process– something he feels sets Attain apart from other agencies and brand specialists. It was this thorough process that created an incredible result.


Cam Hastie’s advice is, “sit down and have a conversation with Attain, and test the waters of what’s possible. It’s definitely worth your time to find out what they can do for your brand.”