Ormiston Family Chiropractic SEO Case Study

Straightening Out Search Results: Boosting Chiropractic Practice’s Google Ranking to the Top Spot

The Problem

Passion, hard work, and skills should be at the forefront of any business. However, in a world where everyone is attempting the same thing, that can pose a challenge.  

Ormiston Family Chiropractic, a chiropractic practice specialising in sports performance and paediatric care, was established in East Auckland just before the first lockdown in early 2021. Despite the obvious challenges of being a young business amid a pandemic, owners Dr Samantha Quezet and Dr Aloysius Lee used their experience and passion for holistic health to continue delivering services to their clients and grow their practice.  

They invested in well-designed branding and guidelines. However, they lacked the capacity to put in the time and effort needed to produce effective content. As a result, they struggled to reach new audiences, increase their brand awareness, and grow their customer base.  

Ultimately, who they were and what they could do for others’ health weren’t being heard.  

Straightening Out Search Results: Boosting Chiropractic Practice’s Google Ranking to the Top Spot

Our Solution

Attain provided a cohesive and consistent marketing plan aimed at ensuring their messaging and branding was going to get noticed. From strategising through to execution, our team delivered the type of approach Ormiston was familiar with – a holistic one.  

We first wanted to put Ormiston’s branding investment to work by creating social media content, promoting tips on TikTok, and video content to start to build awareness and trust amongst their audience.  

On top of that, we recognised a pressing need to boost their visibility on Google.  

Initially, a search for ‘Manukau chiropractor’ turned up plenty of options. However, Ormiston wasn’t turning up until the 6th Google search page. This meant that all of Ormiston’s branding investment, their skills, and their passion for helping others through holistic health, was buried underneath six layers of Google pages.  

And, seeing as people rarely go beyond page two, this became a significant focus for us.  

Over the course of a month, our SEO experts got to work on improving their Google ranking. This included implementing results from keyword research, developing SEO-driven blog content, and helping Ormiston position themselves as trusted experts in the eyes of Google.  

Just a few short weeks later, Ormiston Family Chiropractic shot up to the first page of Google.  

The Outcome

As a result of Attain’s involvement, Ormiston’s passion for holistic health, their strong family-centred values, and life-improving services have now reached a wider audience.

Dr Quezet says, “Attain has really helped us zone in on a long-term marketing plan and personalise our brand. Our brand was strong before, but Attain has made it stronger.

“We’ve loved working with Attain. Their values align a lot with our values. We love working with families; we feel like a family, and Attain feels like an extension of our family.”