Red Gorilla merges with Attain

Sales, media, marketing and brand agency, Attain NZ, have announced a definitive merger with content writing and copywriting agency Red Gorilla, adding depth, expertise and marketing power to their growing client base.

Operating under Attain, while Red Gorilla’s Founder Jonathan Wrait comes on as Marketing Account Director, Attain’s CEO, Sharn Piper, says Wrait will actually be working a hybrid role which will see him spit his time between account management, content writing and sales, given his extensive experience.

“As we’re growing, we’re constantly looking for the best people. With Jonathan’s background, his history, and his knowledge in the marketing space in general, it’s a big advantage to our clients.

“With that in depth experience, and his specific skillset in content writing and email marketing, Jonathan will add so much value to our clients to ensure that when we engage those services – be it through content or email – then we’ve got the best available people on the market for that.”

Jonathan’s rich history in business first started at the age of 18 where he started a successful school tutoring business before being named as the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year.

Over the next 13 years, Wrait worked both as a marketing manager and headed up his own agency, Red Gorilla. He has worked with clients in a wide range of industries including retail, property, food & beverage, technology, engineering, corporate training and telecommunications.  

“I love working with businesses that are technical or complex – understanding what they do and distilling this down to a simple, effective message that resonates with their target audience.”

Excited about the opportunity ahead, Wrait says he’s looking forward to offering a full range of services to clients.

“Coming from a specialised marketing business, it’s going to be nice being able to offer a wide range of solutions to clients, no matter the challenge they have.

“When I was working as a marketing manager, I first-hand saw the importance of marketing and sales working well together. You can do a fantastic job on the marketing side and generate lots of leads, but if you don’t have the sales side sorted, what’s the point?”

Wrait puts his success in his role thus far down to a ‘just do it’ attitude – something that will carry him through on his new journey with Attain.