3 reasons why we need to rethink communication in the workplace

There’s a new system on the business scene. It’s like a personality profiling tool, but it’s nothing like a personality profiling tool. It’s called REACH Ecosystem, and it’s changing the game.

REACH Ecosystem is a comprehensive people and culture development ecosystem. More communication specifically, it’s a measure of people, leaders, and the culture’s ability to adapt to different people, tasks, and situations. Importantly, it provides the tools to measure and the resources to develop REACH, enabling individuals to better influence and communicate with other team members and clients who have their own underlying traits and methods of communicating and understanding.

The system allows you to get it right the first time by avoiding having people in the wrong places. In doing so, you save time, effort, and capital. By being able to measurable improve and track their performance, you also keep them energised and engaged in learning, and are more likely to keep them longer as team members.

But why do we actually need to change how we approach people and communication within our teams?


Not communication everything is black and white

It seems that these days, traditional methods of communicating are being rejected. We no longer live in a society where the boss simply tells an employee what to do and they do it. Nor can we control the level of passion and enthusiasm that team members respond with, or when and how they answer an email. Teams and people are much more questioning these days, and they won’t be content with sitting back and following one style of communicating that might not suit them – it requires a tailored approach. 

For high performance’s sake

High performance comes from people who want to be there – if you’re fighting your team, you can’t ever get the best from them. To be a high performing team, individuals need to feel like their needs are being met. Therefore, you need a system that continually feeds them the motivation and drive that creates the best results.

To get the results you want

As a business owner, you need to know that the learning and development systems you’re implementing are going to get you the results you want. There should be a strong and provable link between the actions you are taking and the results you see.

You may also want to benchmark people to know how they perform against opposition, and to know what improvement needs to be done to reach those targets. If culture trumps strategy, knowing this is not just an ego driven desire, it is marketing intelligence and competitor analysis.

So, by being able to measure improvement with REACH Ecosystem over time in an objective way, you’re able to tie cause and effect directly to each other and achieve your specific, desired results.

Despite all this, there is a way through. REACH Ecosystem provides the tools for us to communicate with everyone on our teams in a way that inspires them as individuals to do their best. Let’s face it, if I can communicate with someone in a way they would most prefer, aligned with who they naturally are, they will be much more receptive. On top of this, if we can develop our people to help them reach and communicate with other team members and clients who have different personalities and communication styles, our businesses will be much more powerful.

It is imperative to rethink workplace communication for three crucial reasons: fostering collaboration and teamwork, enhancing productivity and efficiency, and promoting a positive and inclusive work culture. By prioritizing effective communication strategies, organizations can create a conducive environment for success and growth.

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