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SmartTrade’s loyalty programme.

As a client of Attain, you will have the opportunity to earn points through every dollar you spend. Not only will working with Attain be rewarding for your business, but you can also walk away with your own personal reward! No matter your industry or interests, there’s a reward for everyone. Points can be used on accommodation, products, experiences or even your dream wedding.

How it works.

Once you become a client of Attain, you will automatically be enrolled free of charge into SmartTrade. There is nothing for you to do except enjoy the benefits and perks of being a member.You will simply earn reward points for every dollar you spend with us, which you can use later to buy whatever you want. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

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What you can get with your points?

There are over 300 programme partners offering points on various industry supplies and equipment. Plus, you can earn “easy points” on your everyday spending from partners such as Mobil, Meridian, and OfficeMax. There is no limit on the number of partners you earn points from.

How you can earn points?

Points are earned when you spend at participating businesses like Attain and are based on your total supplier spend. Reward rates vary by supplier. The more businesses you earn from, the faster your points balance will add up! Points are allocated after your current account has been settled and reported to SmartTrade.


Where can you earn points?

You can earn points from a network of partners eager to award points for your business spend. SmartTrade also has partners that will award you points for your everyday business spending like fuel, electricity, office products, insurance and more.

Dream Rewards

If SmartTrade doesn’t have the reward you are looking for, with SmartTrade's Dream Rewards, you can get virtually any reward you want! Whether you want to use your points to pay for a holiday, a fishing trip, or a diamond ring, SmartTrade will get it for you!

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