Attain enters Westpac Business Awards for the first time after reflecting on three successful years

Westpac Business Awards

Three years ago, Attain opened its doors with just four team members and a collective goal to become an agency that focused on sales and marketing integration. Now, after helping other businesses navigate the pandemic, their 25-strong team is set to enter the Westpac Auckland Business Awards for the first time. “What we’ve built here is really cool,” says Chief Executive Officer Sharn Piper. “The Westpac Awards have been around for a long time, so it’s a good chance for us to test ourselves against some amazing businesses, to see how we operate in comparison, and to make sure we are on the right track.”

Celebrating Milestones and Reflecting on Success: Piper’s Journey in Business and Marketing

After initially entering just one category – Employer of the Year, they did some calculations and decided to enter a further two categories: Emerging Business and Excellence in Marketing. “When we did the numbers, we jumped into the other two because our marketing has been so successful to date.” Timing well with their third anniversary, Piper also says it marks the midpoint of the senior leadership group’s strategy, and entering the awards provided the opportunity to reflect.

“We’ve worked hard and we’ve seen growth, so it’s cool that it’s made us stop and look back on some achievements. For example, Bill recently won Educator of the Year. Things like that might have kept passing by without appreciating how far we’ve come. “Entering the awards has also caused us to evaluate our whole strategy. As a result, we’ve been able to reassure ourselves of what we’re doing.”

Attain’s Impact and Culture: Testimonials from Marketing Account Director and Manager

Attain’s Marketing Account Director, Jonathan Wrait, put the application together and noted that what stood out to him the most was the impact the company has had on other businesses. “Seeing how many businesses Attain helped over the past three years was pretty cool -particularly the ones that were saved from going under during Covid. “For a company that had only been around for two years at that point, it’s pretty phenomenal.”

Also reflecting on Attain and the culture in particular, was Shannon Tatana – Attain’s Marketing Account Manager. “There’s been such an effort to create a great culture at Attain that we’ve become like family. People have got your back, and because of that, I definitely see this as the long-term place to develop my career,” she says.

Reflecting on Growth and Celebrating Culture: Attain’s Journey in the Westpac Auckland Business Awards

Despite what happens with the outcome of the awards, Piper says the main thing will have been about checking the company’s heartbeat overall. “It’s not so much about the award itself, it’s for us to take a breath and reflect on how we’ve grown. Although, to be acknowledged with an award would be pretty cool too.

“I’ve been in lots of teams, but not in one where the culture has been this great. The culture we’ve all created is incredible.” The Auckland Central finalists of the Westpac Auckland Business Awards is set to be announced on 25 August, and the public can vote for Attain in the People’s Choice category here

Attain Ventures’ decision to participate in the Westpac Business Awards marks an exciting milestone in their journey towards excellence. With a remarkable track record and a passion for innovation, they have positioned themselves as true contenders in the industry. As they reflect on their three successful years, we eagerly await the outcome of the awards, knowing that Attain Ventures will continue to inspire and shape the business landscape with their unwavering commitment to success.

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