Why B2B Storytelling is Vital to Your Business

B2B storytelling - Cover

From the earliest cave paintings to timeless fairy tales, stories have been the medium through which we make sense of the world and connect with each other.  

Beyond entertainment, storytelling can stir profound human emotions, evoking empathy, joy, sadness, or excitement. Moreover, they can inspire individuals to embrace new ideas or concepts. By creating compelling narratives, storytelling has the potential to motivate people to take action.

B2B storytelling is essential for capturing the attention and interest of audiences who are inundated with information and choices. By using narratives that resonate, B2B brands can create a lasting impact and stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

B2B storytelling - Understanding

Understanding B2B storytelling

At its core, storytelling is the art of conveying information and evoking emotions through a narrative. Humans have always resonated with stories because they appeal to our emotions and provide context to our decision-making process.  

Let’s look at one of Google’s campaigns. AdWords (now called Google Ads), produced a video centred around a locally owned restaurant in Michigan that turned into a $14 million (USD) mail-order business. 

While this video is promoting Google’s service, it isn’t an ‘ad’ in the traditional sense. It’s a story. 

There’s a hero, an underdog type, trying to bring their local community together through passionately created food. Against the backdrop of a community with a small-town feel, the video is heartwarming and viewers end up rooting for Zingermans. You likely walked away feeling inspired, with ideas of how you could get Google Ads to do the same for your business.  

Google didn’t have to do that. They could have just put out an ad that says they offer paid advertising services. 

But isn’t this better? 

B2B storytelling - Customer

The customer journey and B2B storytelling

From the initial awareness stage to the final decision-making phase, storytelling plays a crucial role at every step of your ideal customer’s journey.  

However, storytelling must align with what customers seek at each stage to be effective. It should meet their expectations, address their needs, and provide relevant and compelling narratives that resonate with them. 

Typically, the customer journey follows this path: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision 

Throughout this customer journey, customers interact with the brand through various channels and platforms.  

However, the art of storytelling, brands can go beyond mere transactional relationships and cultivate loyal customers who become passionate advocates.  

By building emotional connections and aligning with shared values throughout the customer journey, B2B storytelling can create a community of loyal supporters who actively promote the brand’s offerings and contribute to its growth and success. 

B2B storytelling - Elements

The elements of compelling storytelling 

To create impactful B2B stories, certain elements need to be considered.  

These include: 

  1. Compelling narratives: These narratives should capture your audience’s attention, engage their emotions, and focus on the customer’s journey, their challenges, and how your brand’s solution can drive transformation and success. 
  2. Authenticity: Authentic storytelling is essential in B2B, as it builds trust and credibility. Brands should align their stories with their values, mission, and brand identity. By being genuine and transparent, brands can establish a stronger connection with their audience and differentiate themselves in the market. 
  3. Visual and experiential storytelling: Brands can utilise visuals, such as infographics, videos, or interactive content, to make their stories more engaging and memorable.

B2B storytelling - Story

How Attain told a 25-year-old story

When Clarksons, Kiwi family-run business that provides electrical, property, fuels, and technology services, was approaching its 25th year in business, we knew we had an opportunity to help tell their remarkable story

Attain stepped in to provide end-to-end event coordination and execution. Additionally, our team designed the visual elements of the night – most notably a history book that recounted the milestones of the company over the last 25 years, accompanied by photos from the archives. The history book served as a tangible representation of Clarksons’ journey, creating an emotional connection with attendees and showcasing their growth and accomplishments. 

How do you want the world to see you and your company? 

Stories can be told about us, without us. If you leave a page blank and open to the world, anyone can pick up a pen and write about it.  

The fundamental question is, when are you going to take control and write about your own story?  

At Attain, we specialise in B2B storytelling that captures attention, sparks emotion, and leaves a lasting impact. We understand the significance of shaping your brand’s identity through authentic narratives that promotes trusting connections with your audience, and drives tangible results.   

Take charge of your story—contact Attain now to start.