Your Brand Should be a Dining Experience

Your Brand Should be a Dining Experience

A good brand (your brand) is like your favourite restaurant. It’s the chefs in the back, the amount of care put into every meal, it’s how people greet and serve you, and the way you feel once you leave. Marketing probably got you in the door to begin with.  

But while marketing is how you came to first discover that restaurant, good branding is a way to keep you coming back.  

They often get lumped together, but they’re two very different concepts. Understanding each of them – and having a strategy for both – is key to getting your company where you want it to go.  

The difference between marketing and branding 

Marketing is what gets you noticed by your customers and lets them know that they need to purchase the products or services you are offering. It’s an all-encompassing set of tools, processes, and strategies designed to help businesses get their message out there. 

Branding, on the other hand, is what drives lasting recognition and loyalty. It is one of the most crucial aspects to any business, going far beyond your colours and logo, or the shopfront of that favourite restaurant. It’s about who you are, what makes you special and memorable, what your mission and values are, and ultimately how people perceive you as an organisation.  

Why you need to invest in your brand now 

No offense, but chances are your business offering isn’t unique at the coalface. But people don’t want to buy from just any of the countless companies in the same industry as yours. They back the brands that share their values – brands they connect with and believe in. 

Why do we tend to think of Nike when we think of shoes? Dove when we think of soap? Or what about McDonald’s when it comes to fast food? It’s not just because of what they sell, as I’m sure we can buy any bar of soap and get the same use. But it’s about the feelings we associate with those brands. 

And, with the upcoming uncertainty (read our latest blog here for our true thoughts on the “recession”), strong branding – connection and familiarity – is ultimately what will have customers/clients turning to you over anyone else.  

Where to start 

As Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” If you feel like something is missing from your messaging – your “why” – chances are there is.  

Start by going back to basics and getting clear on your mission and values. Focus on creating an identity customers can connect with – something that is true to you and why you do what you do.  

The consequences of not investing in your brand 

Without solid branding, your marketing efforts are pointless. I mean, you can’t exactly market a restaurant without knowing what they serve yet, right? 

Before diving into any marketing plans, you’ve got to find out who you are as a brand. What do you have that nobody else does? How can your values and story resonate with the world? Who is your audience and what do they care about? It’s hard to connect to those potential customers if you don’t even have an idea yourself of how that should look like.  

Branding is forever 

Being the best and most memorable in your industry demands more than just good marketing techniques. While it’s important to get noticed by your customers, investing in your brand is essential if you want to have people lining up outside your own restaurant, long after the first visit.   

At Attain, we have a team of brand experts who can help you become remembered, loved, and trusted through tailored brand strategies and workshops. We can help you discover and communicate your unique message for long-term success at any point in your journey. Visit for more.