Attain welcomes Dr Rouxelle de Villiers

Attain welcomes Dr Rouxelle de Villiers

With each new expansion to Attain’s team comes a unique mix of experience and knowledge to add a layer of depth to this ambitious group. The most recent addition to the team is Dr Rouxelle de Villiers. She joins the team as a Senior Marketing Consultant.

“Rouxelle is someone we’ve worked with and known for a number of years, so she’s been part of our journey along the way,” says Attain’s CEO Sharn Piper. “The good thing about our diverse team is that we’ve got lots of young, ambitious people coupled and balanced out with the people who have been in the trenches and have that depth of experience that you can only really get from time and practice.”

Dr de Villiers’ introduction helps bring this balance, as she brings with her an extensive and impressive CV. Dedicating the last 25 years of her life to management and consultancy, her clients range from top-performing sales professionals to organisations such as Coca Cola, Private Wealth Management, Old Mutual International, Nedcor International Finance, Auckland City Council, Bayleys, and Westpac Bank New Zealand. She also carries a PhD in Marketing and Marketing Management and is a senior lecturer of marketing, sales, business and innovation for MBA students at AUT.

“My entire life has been about contributing to people’s ability to surprise and delight themselves with what they are able to achieve,” Dr de Villiers says.

Attain’s mission and top priority is engaging with great people to help build remarkable businesses, something Dr de Villiers also strongly values. “I’m so proud to be a part of Attain because we align when it comes to believing remarkable people do remarkable things.”

Piper says, “While her expertise is a big win for our clients, who she is as a person is a big win for our team. You couldn’t get someone more caring than her.”

Meet Dr. Rouxelle de Villiers: A Trailblazer in Achieving Success

Dr. Rouxelle de Villiers is a name that resonates with excellence and success. With a distinguished background in academia and a proven track record of accomplishments, she stands out as a true leader in her field. As an expert in organizational psychology and human performance, Dr. de Villiers has devoted her career to understanding what drives individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

A Perfect Fit: Dr. de Villiers Joins Attain to Foster Growth

At Attain, we believe in pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and continuously striving for growth. Driven by this philosophy, we sought a collaborator who shared our vision and possessed the expertise to help us realize it. Dr. de Villiers emerged as the perfect fit for this pivotal role. Her passion for unlocking human potential and her extensive knowledge in organizational development make her an invaluable addition to our team.

Embracing the Attain Vision: Dr. de Villiers’ Role in Shaping the Future

Dr. de Villiers’ role at Attain extends beyond a mere title; she will play a key role in shaping our future. As our Chief Success Strategist, she will work closely with our leadership team to align our goals, develop strategies for growth, and create an environment that empowers individuals to excel. Dr. de Villiers’ insights and expertise will be instrumental in fostering a culture of high performance, innovation, and collaboration throughout the organization.


Dr Rouxelle de Villiers
Senior Marketing Consultant
P: 09 366 1665

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